Joon Maeng: Protect The Harvest

When i think of Joon Maeng i think of heart. He has been battling it out with the best since 2007. It has been a bumpy road for Joon so far this year, but no matter what happens he always seems to have a smile on his face. No matter how many times you test your new car before the season their will always be problems that present themselves during the season. Whether he qualifies or not you will see him at the autograph table signing and taking pics, or at his car in the pits talking to fans and letting kids sit inside the car. He drifts for the passion and for the fun.

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The Rice Bowl: Registration Information and Guest kickoff!


Ok ladies and Gents! Registration is up for The Rice Bowl!

For all cars looking to participate in The Rice Bowl, the admission is $20 !!!  To sustain event standards we will be screening all applications.  Please go here, and submit a picture of your car for approval!

For all car show entrants. If approved, the $20 registration grants you access to all events within the Rice Bowl. If you decide you would like to go to Anime Matsuri as well, you can purchase the badge separate here, or the day of! An Anime Matsuri badge can grant you access to the show as a spectator, but not a participant. Participation registration is a separate process.


Bradley Lafayette’s RHD J’s Racing S2000!

We love our Hondas here at Mayday Garage, and it’s no secret that we do in fact love most all RWD cars, so when we first heard of Brad’s all carbon fiber widebody J’s Racing RHD S2000, we knew we would have to see it in person. It was brought to our attention that Bradley wanted to have a set of the now infamous Car Shop GLOW LED S2K tail lights some months ago when we first introduced them to the world, but being a handmade, bespoke Japanese part, we couldn’t get a set of the tails in his hands in time for Import Alliance but last month, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Brad, a friend of Danny Barber, from good ol’ Alabama during our WekFest Pre Meet. We had him up front and center, and his eyegasmic delight of carbon fiber tickled everyone from the insides at Moon Tower Inn. When we finally got a chance to see the car without a million people crowded around it during the actual WekFest TX show, we noticed it really did look weird with the OEM AP2 tails adorning the rear of the very very wild S2000. It was missing something. Something we all knew would complete the exterior of this wild beast, and that something was CSG’s LED tails.




Although we couldn’t get the tails on in time for WFTX, this past weekend, Brad had teamed up with a very talented Ryan Lopez of RL Photography fame, and Ryan was able to take some breathtaking photos to show off Brad’s new derriere. As Ryan himself states, the lights “completely changed the look of the car; they set it off just right. I love the AP2 tails, but the CSG tails just fits the car better”. And we agree.




As we have said time and time again, the lights are a finishing piece. It is “that last touch” that a complete car build needs, and as the case with both Tom and Brad’s S2000’s, it’s the touch that separates them as some of the best from the USA.
Huge thanks to RL Photography, check out his Facebook page and Flickr page!


Keep Tuning,
Ricer X