Coverage: The Chronicles Year 7 Anniversary Event

A few weeks ago, I planned a trip to SEMA. Unfortunately, that plan kinda failed so the next best thing to do was to have our local automotive master tech, Andy Soun, help us out with coverage photos. If you’re not sure who Andy Soun is, he’s a badass mechanic for hire around the country. From working on classic Porsche 356’s to FormulaD spec FRS’s, he’s worked on almost everything. This includes Tom Syachack’s infamous S2000… but we’ll go into detail about their history another time.

Tom had to take a leak so Andy took this chance to get a snap of their trip…


Coverage: The Official 2015 Wekfest Texas Pre-Meet

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged or posted anything on the Mayday Garage site but what better timing than to post about our past event, the 2015 Wekfest Pre-Meet. Every year, the Wekfest show tours around the nation and one of their stops includes Texas. Thankfully, Houston was the city chosen this year to represent Wekfest Texas or #WFTX.  When the announcement was made, we were hesitant to throw a pre-meet, but who throws a better meet nowadays than Mayday Garage? We do it for the young kids, enthusiasts, photographers, car spotters, builders who want to show off their #wekfestprep builds the night before, and for the people who can’t make it to the show to come out and support.  Our usual venue choices always comes down to either 8th Wonder Brewery or Moon Tower Inn. We went with the latter because Canal St. is much wider and parking logistics is a lot better, plus they do have a great selection of beers on tap, and the exotic weiners are pretty good.


Formula D New Jersey: Ride The Wall

The best follow run is only possible when the best lead run is also ran.

-Rapper Dan Savage

Wall Speedway is known for is cheese grater guard rails. They have destroyed many Formula D cars over the year. Shredding the bumpers as the drivers try to get the closest to the rail to maximize points. Usually Wall Speedway claims at least one victim during the weekend. This year, that wasn’t the case. James Evans, Michael Essa, and Dave Briggs fell victim to the cheese grater but they were all able to come back and compete.