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Paul Walker (1973 – 2013)

A true automotive enthusiast

By now, you’ve all heard the disturbing news of Paul Walker’s death. I didn’t believe it at first when Slappy had sent us a group text yesterday from TMZ so I searched on google to see what I could find. I found a site saying it was a hoax, but then news reports started popping up about the crash. Finally, friends that were at the same charity event Paul Walker was at confirmed it was him in the passenger seat of the Carrera GT next to Roger Roda, the driver.

When it all started...

I didn’t know Paul Walker personally nor have I had the chance to meet him, but like many of you, I grew up watching the Fast and Furious series. He really seemed like a cool, ricer type of guy. I mean just watch this video of him visiting Mine’s in Japan…

He was an icon or legend to most of us ricers, car guys/girls, and automotive enthusiasts because he made it historical. You would be able to look back and remember what you drove (if you were old enough), who you went with, and when you watched each of the fast and furious movies.  Even if you were not a ricer, you knew someone who was, and it should remind you of him, Paul Walker.

Another unforgettable scene from the Fast and Furious (2001)

Thank you and rest in peace, Paul Walker.