Z32: A Stunning Example.

We have a serious love for 90’s Japanese cars at Mayday Garage. Supras, RX-7’s, NSX’s, MR2’s and even 3000GT’s are all cars we look up to and want to own someday. But the car that kicked everything into gear in the nineties for us was the Nissan 300zx. Debuting in 1989 and sold as a 1990 model, the all new “Fairlady Z” bursted onto the US scene with a 3.0 liter twin turbocharged VG30DETT 300hp monster motor and a new take on Japanese styling. 300hp by today’s standards isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but in 1990, it was enough to kick Corvette and Mustang ass all day everyday.

Although the US didn’t get “Godzilla”, the R32 GT-R, we did receive the classic and traditional Nissan Sports car with it’s low slung look and flush mounted headlights, it was what embodied a sports car. Although some people think the styling is dated, you have to keep in mind that even though these Z32 models ceased here domestically in 1996, the model continued to evolve all the way through the year 2000 in it’s home country. That said, some styling cues were updated including a new front nose/bumper to give it a newer feel. Stateside, there is a large following for these cult cars, and seeing a Twin Turbo model unmolested is a rare sight, but we love tuner cars, and there is a fine line of modifying a Z without making it dopey looking. We recently came across a stunning example of what a 300zx should look like at the last Houston Cars and Coffee, and took a few snaps.

That classic Z styling

The silver Work Emotion XD9's give the side profile of the Z a great racing feel.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Nostalgic Wednesday: A Period Correct Tuning Snap.

This week we at the Mayday Garage are a bit busy getting ready for Formula D, working, etc etc. Therefore this week I am going to grace this Nostalgic Wednesday with a Random snap of a Z32 Fairlady that I caught this weekend. After coffee and cars I ventured out to meet our friends at ASAA racing where I was going to pick up some extended studs for my daily ricer and RUCAs for Mayday David. While I was out at ASAA there was a car in the distance sitting in a church parking lot of all places! I backed up, then glanced closer, and thought “sho-nuff” and ran my happy ass with my camera across the street.

If you look closely at this 300z, you will see some classic 90’s body styling going on featuring a Wings West Rear, Veilside side skirts and a Do-Luck front end. Something about this combination made the car flow really well. Maybe because it was black? Maybe it was because I wasn’t hungover on Saturday? Church parking lot in Korea town? Who knows, but for that moment, this car was doing alllll right.

Aggressive look is aggressive

Aggressive look is aggressive

The one thing though that totally sets this whole car off, and is one of my favorite wheels of all time is those Manaray Sport MS-6s. Those rims are so bad ass. 3-piece, 6-bar with a mild lip and rivets and they look helllllllllla good rolling.

Manaray <3

Manaray <3

And my favorite thing about them, besides the awesome design you ask? Those intense locking centers, nothing short of amazing. Mmm, the 90’s were good for cars.

They need to start putting these centers on rims again, who cars if they were a PITA and always lost.

They need to start putting these centers on rims again, who cars if they were a PITA and always lost.

And what makes this car period correct? It’s simple. All 90s flavor.