Mayday Garage Manga Series Volume 1: Highway Gambler

Its been a while in the making and is now available to the public, our new manga series! Check out our new collaboration with Vicarous Gear aka. Princeton Wong! Follow the evolution of the Mayday Garage team as we battle the streets and evolve to “Total Tune!” Volume one, Highway Gambler features JohnP in his NSX versus Maydaydavid and his Pro Shop Fukoh FD3s and Booja aka Khiem in his 2jz swapped FD3s! The are all encountered by a cameo of our very own Chinese food truck, the Rice Box Truck!


Mayday Garage Year in Review 2014: Part 5a

So now you know about our brief adventures with 1013mm, QuickWorks Photo, our Ricer Wednesday and Coffee and Rice meets, and even our history with Japanese Tuner, Car Shop GLOW, so to finish off the Year in Review series, we wanted to end it with our return to specialized meets, specifically, our Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet and the WekFest TX PreMeet but due to the sheer amount of photos, we had to split this one into part 5a and 5b!
Three Toyotas, three gigantic wings.

So 3 years prior, we had an idea that maybe we could gather all the really cool Japanese vintage cars from the southern region of the US to one location right here in Houston. With our friend Linhbergh Nguyen, we dubbed it, “Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet” or JNCM. We didn’t know what to expect from this open call, but it was one of the most fun meets I had ever attended. Cars from all over Texas showed up in their unique rides to enjoy a beer and a hotdog with other like minded vintage car enthusiasts.

Every year afterwards, we had people ask us when the next one would be. After much procrastination, it was time to make the public call for all owners of these JDM classic machines to gather once more. To prepare and give an idea of what exactly we were looking for, we had asked our good friends Peck and Bruce to let us photograph their very unique classic cars. One would represent the old, old school, and the other would represent the old school with a modern twist.

First was Peck’s ahhhhhhhmazing authentic JDM AE86 Levin hatchback. This thing oozed JDM race car from yesteryear, from the ITB’d 4AGE motor down to the N2 wide body fender flares swallowing the SSR reverse mesh mesh wheels. Peck has been a Mayday Garage supporter from the beginning, and his knowledge of old school Japanese tuning parts and cars is something that should be documented in a book as he is a huge parts collector/hoarder. The car hadn’t seen the streets in many years so it was such a cool thing to see in person as Khiem was taking epic photos of the car.

To show that we are not only into JDM everything, we asked for now-e-famous Bruce Lareto to let us capture his stunningly clean, bagged S130 Datsun 280zx. We’ve watched Bruce’s car evolve from just a bone stock 280 to what you see now. Bruce had big plans from the get-go and was able to realize his goals through hard work, trial and error, and never giving up on that vision. His car is ever evolving, and he currently is breaking in his new motor and will be test fitting a rear diffuser on his car, so that will be exciting to watch.

Now that we established what we were looking for, we anticipated a good showing for this meet where the weather wasn’t scorching hot, and it wasn’t cold outside. Located at the same place as 3 years prior, Moon Tower Inn in East Downtown Houston made much sense as the atmosphere is very relaxed and there was plenty of potential parking.

We also had to establish a few ground rules. 1- Vintage cars were to have priority parking because, you know, it’s a vintage car meet. 2- to be qualified as a vintage car, it had to be made in Japan, and have a model year before 1990.

Josh Garcia's Time Attack V8 powered Trueno Hatch- with gigantic wing
Peck's RHD N2 race prepped 4AGE powered Levin Hatch - with gigantic wing
Thaison Nguyen's drift F20C powered Levin Hatch - with gigantic wing

The turnout was absolutely beautiful. There were so many cars that were vintage, that we ended up cramming a ton of them in the designated areas and the streets were soon filled with all makes and models as everyone had a thing for classic Japanese cars. We saw all kinds of people from all walks of life, aging from 1-92, it was truly a sight to see, and the general consensus tells us that we need to have more of these types of meets in the future.

Classic? 1989 model year says YES, yes it is.
These two vintage Cafe Racers from Austin also made the trip to JNCM
A personal favorite of ours, Edward Morfe's surprise Toyota Starlet had so many gems hidden within his car
Including his Toyota 3SGE BEAMS motor with matching Altezza cluster inside!

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-Team Mayday Garage-

Photo by Khiem Pham

Mayday Garage Visits ADVANCE

If you’re on any kind of social media (mainly Instagram), then you already know that Mayday Garage has been making it’s rounds throughout Japan with the help from our Japanese brothers (and sister!) at Car Shop GLOW. While we have a billion photos to show you of both Tokyo Auto Salon and Battle EVOME, we wanted to start off our Japan coverage with a small post about our visit today at ADVANCE.

Before we begin, let me give you a little backstory on how we ended up here. We planned a trip to Japan once we were told by Ken Suzuki of CSG that they would be showing off Yukimitsu Hara’s now famous time attack FD RX-7, so the question we were asked by Ken was, “What shops would you like to visit?” For JohnP, it was only one shop; ADVANCE. Luckily, Ken knew of ADVANCE and spoke highly of them. So on JohnP’s last day in Japan, we made the trek to Yokohama prefecture where ADVANCE’s shop was located.

As soon as we made the turn from the main street, it was obvious we were in NSX heaven. Like skittles scattered across a table, we were greeted by a yellow, white and blue NSX parked in the street. ADVANCE, known worldwide for their specialty in tuning Honda’s MR chassis, has some of the sickest NSX’s on the planet, and the moment we rolled up to the shop, our jaws absolutely dropped to the floor. We were greeted by some of the employees including Masahiro Shinbori (IG name @masataro_nsx) who owns the ITB’d yellow NA2 on SSR SP1’s and a cup system.

While Shinbori-San’s NSX would pretty much win any car show here in the states as is, it was the blue ADVANCE NSX (IG name @js_nsx) that we wanted to see. This NSX is what we consider to be an excellent example of Japan’s approach to the idea of “Total Tune”, that is, to make the car complete by working on every aspect of the car. The C30A V6 powerplant was stroked out to 3.1 litres thanks to it’s TODA Racing stroker kit complete with TODA Racing forged high comp pistons and cams and is tuned using a Japanese favorite HKS V-Pro engine management system. Using Fujitsubo exhaust manifolds, the car breathes easier via it’s ADVANCE titanium exhaust tucked neatly above the all carbon fiber rear diffuser.

The NSX is seen on two different sets of wheels, for daily duties, the new RAYS GramLights 57 Extreme STD Spec adorns the NA1 in a standard 17/18 inch double staggered setup, and for Time Attack rounds, it uses the more popular RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL wheels in almost the same configuration, with the only real difference is in the tires. The ADVAN A050’s help in track attack and work great with the ADVANCE Bilstein E12 dampers on Eibach springs that let this Honda propel itself around the Tsukuba Circuit in only 1 minute and 1 second. Not bad for a street car.

But what really gets our blood pumping is the exterior of the ADVANCE NSX. The Marga Hills wide body aero kit combined with the giant carbon fiber GT wing screams, “Look at me. Look how sexy I am, and now I’m going to beat your ass around the track”. The small touches on the car is what separates this NSX from the rest including the custom ADVANCE louvered hood complete with the matching CF hood diffusers, LED tails and other various carbon fiber one off bits. Another nice touch was the inclusion of a Nexus 7 Android tablet customer built into the gauge cluster along with a Defi smart meter.

JohnP had the opportunity to catch a short ride in the blue NSX and was all smiles both before and after getting out of the car. It seems that this visit on his last day in Japan assured him that this would not be his last trip to the land of the rising sun thanks to the beautiful NSXs at ADVANCE.

3947-1 Ikebe-Cho. Tsuzuki-ku. Yokohama-Shi 224-0053
Tel. 045-932-0656

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X