Nostalgic Wednesdays: Mitsubishi Evolution Project.

Ended on a high note..

Hearing the recent news from Mitsubishi Motors that they are pulling the plug on the Evolution project made me reminisce on its legacy. This Nostalgic Wednesday I would like to look back on how it all began with the Evolution I (Lancer GSR&RS), with Mitsubishi fitting the Galant VR’s 4wd turbo-charged 2.0 4G63 power-plant into a lightweight Lancer for the love of competitive motorsports.

OTWeb: It’s here, Ken Block’s new ride. 2010 Team Ford Fiesta!

Well it is no secret now that Ken Block and his DC media powerhouse have now teamed up with Ford for the up and coming Rally season due to Subaru’s recent withdrawl from WRC. I am a bit partial to Subaru so it will take a bit to get adjusted to, but man, this Fiesta looks pretty bad ass, and I am digging that Monster drip scheme..check it!