Ended on a high note..

Hearing the recent news from Mitsubishi Motors that they are pulling the plug on the Evolution project made me reminisce on its legacy. This Nostalgic Wednesday I would like to look back on how it all began with the Evolution I (Lancer GSR&RS), with Mitsubishi fitting the Galant VR’s 4wd turbo-charged 2.0 4G63 power-plant into a lightweight Lancer for the love of competitive motorsports.

I would say that the Evo’s “Golden Years” were when they were successful in the WRC Rallies from 96-99. Thanks to Tommi Makinen for clinching the driver’s titles from 96 to 99 and Richard Burns on his right for clinching the Constructor’s Championships in 98.

yes! factory bodykits!

And I must say, the Lancer Tommi Makinen edition Evo VI is by far my favorite Evo.  Here’s a cut from Best Motoring International covering quick laps with the Evolution I, IV and VI.

Sad  that Mitsubishi had to cancel the Evolution project. According to Gayu Eusegi, Mitsubishi’s global product director, the motor company is getting geared towards a “greener future” with their EV Technology. By 2015, Mitsubishi is looking to introduce 8 full electric/hybrid cars to consumers. Although I see Mitsubishi transforming their company into a full electric car company, reducing CO2 emissions, and concentrating on really going “green”, I will never forget their Evolution glory days.

Thank you Mitsubishi for the Lancer Evolution, and please stop the production of mediocre rally-like inspired Lancers (Lancer OZ RalliArt Edition yuck!).

Goodbye to the enormous rear spoiler, bodykits and boosted 4wd goodness.


It was in front of us the whole time, we called it different names labeled with roman numerals.

~This is Mitsubishi literally EVOLVING.


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