NEWS FLASH! Ferrari Enzo out on the loose!

What happens when you release a $700,000 garage queen out from a barn?

well, It does what it does best,

it wrecks shops…

WARNING: If you are the type of driver who washes your car once a week using 3 different buckets, hates and avoids puddles, hates swirl marks from dirty rugs, regularly checks the weather channel app for future precipitation, takes your shoes off while vacuuming the inside of your car, buys squash air fresheners not only for your car but for your house as well, who washes the back side of the wheel, and lastly, who applies wax with your bear hands because your body warmth activates or softens the carnauba wax. this video may not be appropriate and  may cause some sudden cringe, twitching of the cheek, or pulling of facial hair. viewer digression is  highly advised.


Nostalgic Wednesdays: Lancia ECV

When it comes to rally cars, I think of Sega Rally. Sega Rally was my early introduction to Rally racing. Popular cars used were the Subarus, Mitsus, Celicas, and the Lancia Deltas. Lancia, a popular brand in racing, but not in regular city driving, created a hot hatch prior to the  Integrale, It was called the ECV;built to compete in the Group S division. The ECV (Experimental Composite Vehicle) was built from a Delta S4 chasis with heavy modifications.

It was equipped with a “Triflux” engine that produced over 600hp from a twin turbo 1759cc. The car was built with Kevlar and carbon fiber to reduce weight totaling to only 2,050 lbs.

Event News: 10/01/11 The Big Event 3 ft. Subaru USA Pro-Rally Driver David Higgins.

It’s that time of the year again. As most of our local fans know we do quite a bit of work with the local Subaru community and one event that we are involved with is Gillman Subaru’s “Big Event”. Every year Wally from Gillman Subaru invites a Subaru USA Rally guest to fly into town to chat it up with local TXIC Subbie heads. And for the 3rd annual Big Event, one of Subaru USA’s Pro-Rally drivers, and 3rd generation rally driver, David Higgins will be touching down in Houston on October 1st. Check out the event’s promo vid, gonna be some good stuff.

So, when and where is the event?

Saturday, October 1, 2011 (in case you missed it above)
8:00am – 3:00pm

Gillman Subaru SW
10575 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. South
Houston, TX 77099
(713) 776-6300
(800) 933-7809


– JohnP

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The Renault Espace F1, the ULTIMATE Grocery Getter

The year was 1994, and the Paris auto show was going down. Most people were expecting a slew of econo-box mini -vans and new concepts for the savvy consumer of the 90’s. What they were not ready for however was the arrival of one crazy masterpiece conceived by Renault and built by MPV Espace designer, Matra. To celebrate their 10th year anniversary Renault and Matra took their flagship minivan and bred into existence the Espace F1. The Espace, like every other MPV at the time in the world, was ugly as shit. I think the most attractive mini-van of that era was most likely the Toyota previa, and you know for damn sure American minivans in this era were ugly as sin. So, for this corporate duo to whip out this Grocery getting monster, you can say the world, at that time was a bit surprised and probably thought everyone at Renault and Matra were high as hell.

The Ultimate...Grocery Getter

The Ultimate...Grocery Getter

Powered by an 800 horsepower, V-10, 3.5-liter Formula 1 motor, this ultimate grocery getter could get to 125 mph in just shy of 7 seconds. Yup, that is right, sub 7 seconds, 6.9 to be exact with a top speed of 186 miles per hour. For the stats hungry out there, it also dropped a 0-60 bomb from a standstill of just 2.8 seconds. And for those that want a cherry on top, this bad boy also came with a 6-speed sequential automatic transmission, dayum!

Mom's Driving

Mom's Driving

Apparently Renault had taken great lengths to keep this car as agile as possible by essentially taking the “Espace” Body (a carbon fiber version) and dropping it on a double wishbone rear and front suspension (a 1993 winning Formula 1 Grand Prix frame). This was one of the key factors that would help propel this minivan to break physics on the track, well, that, massive slicks and quite possible some of the most gnarly aero-dynamics ever. Check out the wing! It was said to have been able to pull between 1.5 and 2g on the track, amazing.

A fitting donor

A fitting donor

I think one of the best pieces of its design is how the interior was filled with 4 seats. Two buckets for mom and dad, and two for the kids, a perfect car for the perfect nuclear family.

Safety first, now for the ear plugs.

Safety first, now for the ear plugs.

The word amazing doesn’t even come close to describing the awesomeness that is the Renault Espace F1. It is truly a piece of art.



Check out this monster in action!


If I only had the money…


Pikes Peak 2010: Jeff Zwart’s Record Run by Will Roegge

I know that most of the people out there have seen this already, but, if you haven’t, you have got to watch it. This brief clip, under the ever so bad ass direction of Will Roegge, is Jeff Zwart’s record breaking Pikes Peak run in a Porsche GT3 Cup Car. He completely destroyed his class record set by Rhys Millen last year, check it. There is so much awesome sauce here, really, Will Roegge sets a nice bar. Enjoy

GT3 CLIMB from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


The Mayday Capital Run: The Massive Rollout to the 512 Project!

Welcome to the official rollout to the 512 Project, The Mayday Capital Run. The Capital Run is an ALL INCLUSIVE caravan to the great Capital of Texas for the Hellaflush x Stanceworks Collaboration, the 512 Project. A 160 mile trek from Houston and a 200 mile trek from Dallas are the respective lengths that measure the runs to Austin, so arrive to the 512 with the rest of your fellow enthusiasts by meeting up in the Saturday AM of the 26th at one of two launching points, Houston or Dallas:

Houston Leg

Houston Leg

The Houston Mayday Capital Run Leg contact is JohnP, and can be contacted via

The Dallas Mayday Capital Run Leg contact is Richard “Dick” and be contacted via


Dallas Leg

Dallas Leg

The Mayday Capital Run:

The Mayday Capital Run is not limited to just those participating at 512 Project, but for all enthusiasts that want to get together for another Mayday event, HAVE A BLAST ON A FUN RUN, and want to enjoy the open road. Not to mention all of the fun that goes on in Austin!


When: The Last Saturday of June, June 26, 2010

Launch Checkpoint: Rollout locations will be announced 3 days before the Capital run and will be announced here on this forum, and on twitter handles, “MaydayJohnP”and “MaydayDavidD”.

Where to ? : Our Great State Capital, The location of the 512 Project, and one of Playboy’s top picks for a great time; Austin, Texas

Route from Houston: I-10 -> 71 -> Austin

Route from Dallas: 35 South -> Austin

Mayday Capital Run Additional Information:


Depending on how long you will be staying in Austin, you will most likely be wondering where everyone will be staying, as well as rates. As Mentioned on, the official hotel for Saturday night is the Aloft Hotel, which can be found at Aloft

The Capital Run Schematics:

Mayday understands that everyone has a different taste for driving, some like to cruise, and some like to drive. Mayday will be using a system to accommodate ALL of these drivers, whether you are carrying a setup for the 512 Project, a show car, or just a spirited enthusiast, all are welcome on the Mayday Capital Run, and schematics of the run will be provided the day of launch!


The Mayday Capital Run will consist of photographers who will have their own position in the Capital Run to capture the full effect of the event. If you are interested in participating in the Capital Run as a photographer or videographer; PM JohnP or email for more information. Title the email Photographer Request.

Rules of the Mayday Capital Run:

1.) Mayday is not responsible for any tickets, wrecks, or broken down cars that one may encounter on the Mayday Capital Run.
2.) This is not a Cannonball/Gumball 3000 style race; it is a Fun Run/Cruise style of event. Speeding is not encouraged!

3.) No Mooning on the Mayday Capital Run

4.) All Texas State Driving laws are in effect, State Troopers have every right to pull you over if you are driving outside of the law, as mentioned before, Mayday is not responsible for people’s buffoonery.

5.) Respect other drivers

6.) Have Fun!

*For those planning on participating in the 512 Project please go to for registration information, remember, this is a stance/offset/slammed inspired event, so if you feel you got the goods, do it! However, everyone is invited!

Game on!


– JohnP