More Photoshoots, More Cars, Less Sleep.

Posting more photos from our photoshoot shenanigans with 1013mm and QuickWorks Photo!

Waiting for Patrick to finish up with Dennis' RX-8, this pic was snapped.

John Zhang getting up early AF to capture Wil Kitchens' Pikes Peak E36

IDB racing. Not sure if it's what I think it means. Check out that WING with those SARTO racing flares!

Wil making sure we don't scratch his new paint

Patrick directs Tiny and his turbo EK while JZ does absolutely nothing.

Quickworks Photo setting up the overhead shot of Tiny's car

Patrick forgot to erase the midget hooker photos off of his old memory card

Tiny, car builder, human lightstand

John Zhang, hipster camera protographer, instagram groupie.

More to come!
Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Pikes Peak 2010: Jeff Zwart’s Record Run by Will Roegge

I know that most of the people out there have seen this already, but, if you haven’t, you have got to watch it. This brief clip, under the ever so bad ass direction of Will Roegge, is Jeff Zwart’s record breaking Pikes Peak run in a Porsche GT3 Cup Car. He completely destroyed his class record set by Rhys Millen last year, check it. There is so much awesome sauce here, really, Will Roegge sets a nice bar. Enjoy

GT3 CLIMB from Will Roegge on Vimeo.