More Than Meets the Eye: Princeton Wong’s AP1 Yellow S2k

When’s the last time we’ve done a feature this year… oh yeah, we haven’t. I’ve honestly been afraid of writing about them because I’m a terrible writer/editor. But over the past year or so, I’ve got some good feedback from people that still follow our blog (for some reason), that less writing is good. When looking at an article, I like to know why the car was featured, how it was built, or where it came from, but even then, sometimes I lose interest when there are more words than the photos themselves. With that being said, I’ll try not to bore you with my words, but with more photos….

Princeton W.... racer, engineer, fabricator, automotive enthusiast, Magic the Gathering competitor... he does it all folks.

The Chreeno Archives pt. 2: Greg Lilly’s Honda S2000 AP1

Up next in the Archives of Chris Reno is a car that belongs to a long time Houston tuner, and huge supporter of what we would call the local tuner “scene”, Greg Lilly. Greg, like many of us just cant seem to shake the tuner habit, and has devoted his life to ricerhood. Now, a father of two he has to juggle his business (Underground Graphics), children (he has 2), and a marriage ( to a very patient wife ). With all of this juggling around Greg still manages to pull off some petty sick builds. Note I said builds, with an “s” because this is the first of two cars that we will be putting up on Mayday Garage from Greg. Although this car has been out of Greg’s possession for a long time and no longer exists in this form it is still a rad ride. Note: The car was shot 2 years ago, for your viewing pleasure.

Badda Bing

Badda Bing