When’s the last time we’ve done a feature this year… oh yeah, we haven’t. I’ve honestly been afraid of writing about them because I’m a terrible writer/editor. But over the past year or so, I’ve got some good feedback from people that still follow our blog (for some reason), that less writing is good. When looking at an article, I like to know why the car was featured, how it was built, or where it came from, but even then, sometimes I lose interest when there are more words than the photos themselves. With that being said, I’ll try not to bore you with my words, but with more photos….

Princeton W.... racer, engineer, fabricator, automotive enthusiast, Magic the Gathering competitor... he does it all folks.

If the name Princeton Wong sounds familiar, he also drives a badass Porsche 993 Carrera 2 which we had featured about 3 years ago.

Nakai-san, Danny, and Princeton... RWB4lyfe.

Princeton had plans to turn this AP1 into a fully dedicated track car, but plans change.  Before his plans had changed, his goal “was to not spend more than $400 per mod… with the total being less than a base model civic.”  This was possible for Princeton because he had the knowledge and experience to build things….

Princeton's S2K transforms from a street car to a track monster on the weekends.

They're probably laughing at my photo stance while I take this photo.


Speaking of photo stance...

Check out Princeton's home made wing.

Recaro bucket seats to keep that body from rolling...

Since this is a daily street driven car, Princeton decided to keep this car NA.

There's no hellaflush or helladumpt here for this daily driven S2000...

We don't need to blur plates on this Honda because Princeton does not currently reside in the US... so don't even try.

We try to capture all details on the cars we shoot.... ALL of them...

We totally forgot about putting the Mayday plate on Princeton's S2000...

Princeton took about 15 laps around this street for us to get a decent shot of his car rolling...

While I was messing around with Princeton's shoot, MaydayMikey and Khiem were working on Law's fb profile photo...

Princeton chose to go with the affordable Forgestar shoes...

At most of our photo shoots, I like to capture the reactions of the people that pass by....

I bet Johnp was telling Princeton a story about his bowel movements...

The last shot of the night was this rig shot and shortly after this, he took off with our Mayday license plate.

We’re always looking for street cars that haven’t been featured to be shown on our blog. If you think your car is rice enough, hit us up or tag us #maydaygaragefeature on Instagram.


Princeton now resides in Kanagawa, Japan... follow his blog Vicarious Gear to get a glimpse of what life is like in Japan.... http://vicariousgear.com/

Mods List

VIS SP (Spoon) style front bumper with shaved intake hole – fiberglass
VIS SP (Spoon) style front fenders – fiberglass
ASM style rear overfenders – fiberglass
Seibon MG (Mugen) style hood – carbon
Mugen style hardtop – carbon
VIS trunk – carbon
Racemirrors Professional series side Mirrors- carbon
Shaved stock side mirrors
Shaved external antenna
Custom front tow hook – steel
6000k HID driving lights

APR GTC-200 wing – carbon
Custom wing uprights – aluminum
Custom wing endplates – aluminum wrapped in 3M 1080 carbon
Custom 3 piece front splitter – aluminum
Custom full body undertray – aluminum
AlloyCraft rear diffuser – aluminum

Forgestar F14 – 18×10

Federal 595 RS-R – 265/35-18

HKS Hipermax III Sport Coilovers
SPC camber ball joints in front

Comptech Ice Box intake
Supertech Beehive valve springs
Supertech Titanium retainers
AP2 Oil Banjo Bolts
Oil Pan Baffle
Innovative motor and transmission mounts
Exedium Differential Collars
Muffler delete
Driveshaft spacers

Engine Bay:
Password JDM heat shield – carbon
Password JDM spark plug cover – carbon
Cross beam cover – carbon
Powdercoated valve cover
Custom radiator cooling plate – aluminum wrapped in 3M 1080 carbon
Aluminum oil cap

Recaro Pole Position
Buddy Club Super Low Down seat rails
Hard Dog double diagonal roll bar
Moddiction short shift kit
Moddiction Anvil shift knob
Moddiction shift lever extension
Izzy racing hardtop brackets
Soft top delete
Internal antenna booster

Carbotech XP10 front pads
Carbotech XP8 front pads
Stainless brake lines

Custom hidden hitch within rear bumper
Custom license plate slide rails

Link to build thread on S2KI and some pics of the bike rack setup:

Full undertray:


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