Back in the day.

This photo captured by Nick Rico has me wondering- What is going through this gentleman’s head right now? The fact that he stopped to look at this Datsun S30 probably indicates something positive. What I’m wishing- “Back in my day, we used to dust Domestic muscle cars in these”. Hey, it’s a wish, leave me alone.

Photo by Nick Rico

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Random Snap: A Datsun Gem for Sale.

I love it when I go through my hard drive to clear files just to find a few gems that I had forgotten about.  The S30 Datsun Fairlady shown below belongs to Dorian Drewery out of Atlanta, at least I hope it still does.  When I went to Formula D road Atlanta earlier this year with Mayday David we just happened to catch Dorian on the Georgian streets outside of a local drift event. Apparently this “Lady” was for sale at the time.  If it was sold, the new owner is one lucky enthusiast.   The attention to detail on this thing is pretty intense and I have some more pictures that I will put up later on.

Bond wishes.

Bond wishes.


— JohnP

OTWeb: Rocky Auto Fairlady Z from TAS 2010

Although I can appreciate a very super cleanly executed Vintage S30 Z such as Van’s 73′ 240Z, I have a very strong passion for new school flavor on old school JDM rides.

As I read through Ben Schaffer’s The Real JDM blog to see what perspectives he had on this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, he featured a very gnarly S31 Datsun Z that embodies all of the new school traits of the JDM tuning scene mixed with the classic styling of the original Japanese muscle cars.

Straight from TAS, the Rocky Auto Z pix courtesy of The Real JDM

Straight from TAS, the Rocky Auto Z pix courtesy of The Real JDM

For more pictures and specs of this HKS outfitted, RB26DETT swapped beauty, head on over to Ben’s The Real JDM blog!

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Keeping it old school: Van Luong’s 73′ Datsun 240Z.

There are people that like cars, and then there are people who are car enthusiasts. There are car enthusiasts that are brand loyal and there are some who love all kinds of cars, place of origin no matter. I would consider myself one of these types, as I have an admiration of all types of vehicles that go fast on four wheels.

And then there are car fanatics that are borderline obsessive. Van Luong falls into the latter category, and has the proof to back up that claim. The specimen in question is a pristine and restored 1973 Datsun 240Z that’s older than pretty much our entire readership.

Asian Antique? You betcha!

Asian Antique? You betcha!