On the Street: Danny’s Sex 15.

At Mayday Garage, we are all about that street style, that street culture. Wether it be rolling out together to grab some burgers from Underbelly, a few local brews from The Hay Merchant, or going to show up to Ricer Wednesdays to look at other rice rides, we like to do everything on the street. Resident ricer, Danny Barber might be known for Catalina or his stints at The Idlers games in Japan, he is known to us as one of the ultimate street ricers. A great example is his authentic Nissan Silvia S15, a car that he imported with serious body damage, he was able to completely strip the car, replace what was missing, build an S15 SR20DET and drop it in all in the confines of his own garage, including all body work.

Ricing up the streets, photo by Danh Phan

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

On the Run Girl Style: Aubre Houck’s Kouki 240sx

A couple of weeks ago, MaydayGarage was on a mission across Texas to catch driver profiles of the recent Import Reactor Drift event that happened here in Houston last week. In 2 days we shot 5 cars, and 4 profiles. We had traveled to Dallas, Texas on our first day of the trek to meet up with our good friend Stewart Leask and shoot his driver profile. When we had arrived to D-town Stew asked us if we had some extra time to snap some shots his girlfriend, Aubre Houck’s car. Now, I know that there are some tuner girls out there, but, just because you are a girl doesn’t mean we will take your car lightly; all is fair in the world of tuning. Being the typical guy I assumed that Aubre’s car would be relatively mild or overly done H.I.N. style, boy was I wrong.

Sits Pretty, pun intended

Sits Pretty, pun intended