Nostalgic Wednesday: 3 Kings

 Few years ago, David posted about the colorful JACCS accord for Nostalgic Wednesday. I must say, the functional style of these cars never get old. One of the reasons why I <3 Hondas were the JTCC Accords. These Accords stood out compared to the other cars on the track. The JACCS, Castrol Mugen, and the PIAA; I personally dubbed them the “3 Kings”. I loved the high-revving symphony from the naturally aspirated F20Bs, the tucked uni-lug 17 inch OZ wheels, and the unforgettable liveries on each car.

Nowadays, Honda head are drawn more towards the Civics, S2000s, and NSXs; attention to the accords are declining especially towards the CD6 sedans.

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The JACCS Accord.

If you’re like me, then you’ve been playing Gran Turismo ever since it first debuted on the Sony Playstation. I was introduced to a lot of cars I never even heard of. Cappuccino’s, FTO’s and even the coveted Pikes Peak Suzuki Escudo R were cars I learned a great deal about over a decade ago through the magic of video games. Yes, my eyes were open to all sorts of new JDM race cars as well. Among them, one particularly caught my eye, the very bright and colorful livery of the JACCS Honda Accord.

I still laugh when people tell me that rim tucked cars can never be raced competitively.