Few years ago, David posted about the colorful JACCS accord for Nostalgic Wednesday. I must say, the functional style of these cars never get old. One of the reasons why I <3 Hondas were the JTCC Accords. These Accords stood out compared to the other cars on the track. The JACCS, Castrol Mugen, and the PIAA; I personally dubbed them the “3 Kings”. I loved the high-revving symphony from the naturally aspirated F20Bs, the tucked uni-lug 17 inch OZ wheels, and the unforgettable liveries on each car.

Nowadays, Honda head are drawn more towards the Civics, S2000s, and NSXs; attention to the accords are declining especially towards the CD6 sedans. I’m finding myself appreciating every clean stock CD6 I spot on the road and all I ever think of is “Ohhhh, the potential”.

Then lo and behold, OsakaJDM, (the kanjo racers) rolled out with a JTCC inspired CD6. It was a clean build, really clean.  seeing pictures of it made me even love the CD6 chassis even more. The build gave me hope for the CD6 that it can still break necks.

tucked, caged and that center placed exhaust just like the touring Accords.

I managed to save some pictures of other touring CD6s. I hope some of these pictures inspire some accord enthusiasts to push for that JTCC inspired build.


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