A Sinister Love: Khanh Le’s 1972 Datsun 240Z.

It was 10:00pm on a Saturday night when I received a phone call from Mayday David.  David was out at a local car meet when he stumbled upon a classic beauty that we had yet to see in our neck of the woods.  At the exact moment of the call I was in the symphony listening to the legendary Nobuo Uematsu (the creator of the Final Fantasy music) getting my nerd on.  It was intervened by the call that went a little something like this, “John, where you at?” David said.  I responded, “Jones Hall, the symphony”.  David responds, “Well, you better get your suited up ass over here to this meet, because there is a Datsun you HAVE to see”.

Graveyards, fitting for the Sinister.

Graveyards, fitting for the sinister minded

We have featured a Datsun before on this site, Van Luong’s, which, in my opinion is pretty damn clean and hard to top, so if these guys are making me come out to a meet in a symphonic suited up fashion, then, this HAD to be an awesome whip, and they were right. One thing I was not prepared for was the perfection that I was about to cast my eyes upon, Khanh Le’s 1972 S30 240Z.

This, is stance.

This, is stance.