Day 2: Mayday Garage Does FormulaD: Road Atlanta

"Officer I'm not drunk, I'm just swervin on these hoes" - Diego Sanchez

Day 1 took a toll on some of us so we didn’t bother getting up early since the event didn’t really start til 1 or 2pm. My main goal was to try to get more drifting action for Day 2, but that didn’t go according to plan. So in order to make up for it, we did some rice hunting around Road Atlanta…

Day 1: Mayday Garage Does FormulaD Rd. 2: Road Atlanta

The birthplace of FormulaD.... Road Atlanta.

We’re back at it again with coverage from Round 2. It was Mayday’s 2nd time at the track and my first time there if that makes any sense. My plan for the weekend was to fly in early on Friday, rent a car and drive straight to Road Atlanta in time for the media meeting, get a couple shots here and there, while Mikey flies up North to pick up parts for his Project 240: Voltron. After he had picked up his parts, Mikey would drive back to Houston. I told him to stop by FormulaD since it’s on the way and so he did…. at 5am.