It’s All In The Details: Shannon Kobashigawa’s AE86 Levin Coupe.

There’s a lot of things that are disappointing in life. Missing out on that job opening you had your eye on, finding out that the girl you have a crush on now has a boyfriend, even pouring cereal in a bowl in the early morning only to find out you don’t have any milk (put some water on it) are definitely a few examples of being disappointed. We’ve all been there. But one thing that really annoys me are internet cars or “e-famous” cars that disappoint you when you actually see them in person. I won’t name any specific cars, but if you’ve ever seen cars online and said to yourself “damn! That’s so clean!” and then saw that same car at a meet and didn’t see all of the misaligned body panels, curbed up wheels, missing interior pieces, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s all about the details that people seem to miss. I’ve experienced this too many times to count. Thankfully, Shannon Kobashigawa’s AE86 Corolla doesn’t disappoint.

Rise and shine! This Levin opens it's eyes to the cool morning Cali breeze

Sweet Geezuz, that's a sick 86

Shannon is a vampire, so you can understand his urgency to run from the sun as fast as he could.

"ever thrown a toothpick in a volcano?"