Happy Halloween Folks!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to show you guys a couple of snaps I took at the last Planet Zero Monthly Meet. We’ve recently had our eye on a particular Mercedes Benz Wagon, and while the wheels and stance were pretty much on point, what drew us was when fellow photographer D_Fan came up to me and asked me if I had seen the MB Wagon up close that night.

The freaks really DO come out at night.

VIP curtains? What's so intriguing about this MB Wagon?

LOL, hell yeah! Nothing like carrying the dead as cargo!

.....I meant the undead.

I asked the driver for more information about the coffin in the back...

When I didn't get a response, I looked into the rearview mirror. HE'S A ZOMBIE! I don't speak zombie.

Don’t drink and drive or you’ll end up like these two!
–Team MaydayGarage–