When the infamous Linhbergh Nguyen of SpeedHunters fame asked me to put together a makeshift Mazda Miata meet here in Houston, I thought to myself, “how in the hell am I going to pull this off?”. It’s no secret that Linhbergh fancies the Mazda roadster, and if you just google “Linhbergh Miata”, you’ll find example after example of his work.

Something you may not know is I just picked up a miata about two whole months ago, as I too, love the Miata MX-5, but have been putting it off for years. I already have enough projects as is, with my RX-7, and S14 cars taking up both my money and time, when I’m not in class. So I wasn’t too sure about how the turnout for this last minute meet would end up.

The roadsters were out in full force

One of the first miatas to show up was Charles' CARS inspired Mazdaspeed MX-5

Charles is definitely a guy that likes to take trips. You can see the antenna to his CB radio here

This miata had no top, so he was pretty serious about tracking his ride.

I posted up this meet on as many local forum boards as I could. It didn’t seem to have a great impact, and luckily for me, someone from the Houston Miata Club saw my post. This person was Stan, a long time friend of mine, and someone that has been around miatas since, well, since forever. My earliest memories of Stan were on the streets of Westhiemer on saturday nights back in the late 90’s with his GReddy turbocharged 1.6L 1992 red Miata. So I knew Stan knew his shit, and he made Miatas his craft. Stan made the call on his Houston Miata Club forum, and with his help, we were able to get a decent sized gathering of Mazda Roadsters through his efforts.

The exterior styling might be too much for some, but it's what's underneath that aero is what counts

Oh and it counts.


It's not how you stand by your ride...

When I showed up to Uptown Park on the west side of Houston, I was the first, and I wanted to make sure I could pick out a good spot in the vast parking lot where we could all be together. Me and Khiem grabbed some refreshments from the Cafe Express, and while waiting for the time to pass, Stan was the first to show, and we had played a little catch up since the last time I saw him years ago.

The semi-legend. Linhbergh was all smiles this evening

The guy that made it possible, Stan from HMC

This was a highlight: A guy from Mazdas247 brought a well known Mazda flag to the meet

The idea is to have everyone sign it as it exchanges hands around the world

You already know us MaydayGarage guys had to sign it!

One by one, the roadsters started to show up, and it wasn’t long before the “other” makes and models made their way to our little shindig. Linhbergh was also relieved that we had a good turnout, which consisted of mainly all Houston Miata Club members. We overheard one of the guys that showed up late, that he was genuinely surprised so many cars showed up with such a last minute announcement.

This miata looked very clean.

This one had some OEM BBS wheels and rocking a Garage Vary lip

It had a very interesting interior

Well it WAS a Mazda meet...

And the Mazdas definitely came out. I loved this MazdaSpeed Protege.

As well as this bagged Mazda6/Atenza

This guy gets our respect for driving all the way from deep south Texas to make our meet!

He instantly drew a large crowd with his over-the-top looks

Even Linhbergh thought it was an awesome ride

This roadster had an enormous wing, carbon Kevlar top and was turbocharged

The interior definitely matched the exterior

Linhbergh interviewing the owner. I had to take notes on how to do it, Linhbergh style

Got it.

Something you may notice is that a lot of the cars aren’t “hellaflush” or trendy. The reason for that is the majority of the Houston Miata Club members actually track their cars. This was my first thought when I saw most of the miatas here, and it was a good feeling to know that us Texas guys don’t mess around (well, I was actually the only poser there, as i’ve never raced or tracked the Miata).

Khiem and Linhbergh looking for talent


Someone needs to tell these kids the importance of buckling up.

Great. Here comes the Paparazzi.

The kids didn't seem to mind.

Let's just hope when she gets old enough, she'll be turbocharging her miata

Another interesting ride was this "feminine" MX-5 that showed up later

I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out the owner was a woman.

Some non-mazdas showed up as well, like this S13

I wasn't exactly sure if this guy was a part of our meet, but cool car nonetheless

In the end, with the cool breeze coming through, it was a great turnout, and more than what I expected thanks to the Houston Miata Club. Linhbergh was gracious enough to post up his coverage of this even on SpeedHunters, so check out his posts HERE and HERE.

The end(s).

Pictures taken by Khiem Pham and Myself exclusively for MaydayGarage.

Be sure to join the Houston Miata Club if you own a Miata in Houston!


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