You’ve asked a billion times when we would start selling shirts again, and now it’s time!

**On sale NOW!!**

At long last, our newest street tee shirt is finally for sale, and with the new shirts goes our newest design. Tiva Feltman claims that while wearing the Mayday Garage shirt, guys can’t help but stare at her shirt, and we agree! This classic black shirt will match pretty much anything you wear and has one teal Mayday Garage logo across the breast and another on the right sleeve. As with all other shirts we have sold in the past, we would never sell a shirt we wouldn’t wear, so that’s why we have once again chosen American Apparel for it’s high quality cotton shirts that feel oh-so-good on our girly, sensitive skin.
Made and printed in the USA


Shirt sleeve

Shirt logo

Shirt Tag


Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

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