Besides “Do you guys have a shop?”, the most common question we get here is “How do I get into Mayday Garage??”. That’s not an easy question to field honestly. We are NOT a car club, a show team, or even an actual “shop”, rather, we are a bunch of guys that live in Texas that believe in the 90’s Japanese Tuning era, and we are here solely as a group to preserve that movement and what it stands for. We are no longer a media only group, so being a great photographer, or blogger is not a requirement. Simply put, if you like the same things as we do (i.e. snooty coffee, hipster food, Asian culture, craft beer, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, MTG, tattoos and you occasionally lift) and have the same mindset and outlook on car culture, then there’s a small chance you may fit in.

Welcome JohnM to Danh's personal club

Although it doesn’t happen often, we wanted to take the time out to introduce you to Mayday Garage’s newest member, John Markadakis, aka, Markladakis, aka Markadakalis, aka, MurkaDurka, aka MaydayJohnM. John moved to Houston a few years ago from the great state of North Carolina to go to an Automotive school and absorb the Houston car scene/culture. John enjoys 90’s Japanese cars just as much as we do, and works on various cars such as high end Porsches, Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, RB25/26 motors, VR38’s, R35’s and more recently, FD3S RX-7’s. John also enjoys (see; addicted) coffee from Catalina, Southside Espresso, and Blacksmith, Vietnamese food from Cafe TH, and has a special place for Niko Niko’s Greek food. JohnM currently drives a Miata and is working on his project car, a Time Attack inspired Zenki S14, which hopefully will be finished in the next few months. He also has cat. (He sprays)

Make no mistake, JohnM is a HUGE ricer despite the size of his car.

Welcome to the end of your life John!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

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