This post is a long time coming.

So a lot of people I meet at car events/meets/shows always say three things-
1. “Hey man, I love the photos/coverage/cars you guys put up!”
2. “Yeah, I always keep up with your blog and Facebook page!”
3. “What else do you guys do besides take photos and write posts?”

Three's company?

Work'ing hard or hardly Work'ing? Definitely the first.

Some people love shopping in malls, we prefer junkyards.

Need a lift?

If you know us personally, then you know what we’re into, and the kind of things we do, but a lot of you have been asking what exactly we do. Sure, we post random car pictures on Facebook, take photos of cars and meets/events, but like our tagline suggests- we are ricers first, bloggers second. So in an effort to show our followers what we’re into, we will be introducing another segment, The Mayday Life. The Mayday Life will be a random post about ONE day in our lives, and it could be about pretty much anything. But it’s always car related.

Last week, Mikey met me and my roommate, Danny up at our place. I had just got out of my summer school class, and rushed home to meet up the guys, and I was hungry as hell. After wolfing down some awesome vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches at our favorite asian diner, Cafe TH, we then packed into the Brodozer- Danny’s nickname for his Toyota Tundra. This behemoth lives up to it’s name, let me tell you. It’s a nice change from always running around in a slammed car, and I get to look down on people for once. Our destination: the local junkyard to find a transmission mount for Mikey’s S14. At first, Mikey was going to buy a Nismo one, but when we tried looking around locally, none were to be found. So the next best thing was an OEM one, which costs about $100 new. Mikey is not exactly made out of money, so we called around to a few junkyards and as luck would have it, we were able to locate a junkyard that had two S13’s. So off we went.

Danny's Brodozer. Holy hell, this is much different than riding around in a miata.

After fighting I-45N traffic for awhile, we knew we would spend the day in 99+ degree weather, so we made a quick stop at a nearby gas station to grab some refreshments.

The funny part is 104 was the coolest it got. GEEZ!

These two guys are closer than you think.


There was a crowd of guys around the TV. Now I know why. It's hot outside!

Somehow, the weather lady got Danny all hot and bothered.

Mikey's beverage of choice: Arizona Iced Tea

Danny's beverage of choice: The Arnold Palmer.

After we cooled off, it was time to hit up the Junkyard. It was already getting late, so we needed to search the place quick and get what we came for.
I’d like to add that going to junkyards always makes me giddy. It’s like treasure hunting, cause you never know what you’ll find. You’re always hoping you’ll find a gem, like a 6 speed transmission from a broken MK4 Supra, or a 323 GTX motor, or maybe even a busted Galant VR-4 with a straight body. It’s always fun sifting through some of this.

This is the place we went to, they weren't too fond of my camera, but whatever.

Even though junkyards are a happy place for me, it's also a sad place.

Sweet! A Subaru SVX! These came in a 3.3 liter, flat six motor and were pretty cool back in the day

We found this Talon TSi sitting there, it's engine bay empty. Loved these DSM's.

We finally came across a 240sx, but this one was a little "rough".

It didn't matter anyways cause this one was an automatic. I wonder if he was a smoker?

Finally! Found it!

Mikey quickly got to wrenching

Mikey came across this huge spider underneath and screamed like a little girl.

Danny had to comfort Mikey somehow.

Okay, now it was really time to get what we came for.

While Mikey was busy taking off the transmission mount, me and Danny decided to check out the rest of the junkyard for hidden treasures.

ooooh, a Series 5 FC RX-7! GTU too!

WTF, the owner didn't take this diaper with him/her? For shame.

A husband and wife grabbin' parts

Danny spots a sawed in half Porsche 944

Danny making a pit stop. This is pretty normal for this guy.

Almost done.

Yeah, there were a lot of "fixed up" cars


Mission complete.

ooooh, bonus!

So we head to where we needed to pay, I was asked to leave, cause my camera was making them nervous

Mikey is all smiles as he tells us his part was only $4 after tax. I'd be smiling too, he just saved $96

With the part we need, we are able to finally put Mikey’s KA motor back into his S14, but before we do that, we head back to our place where we use the engine hoist to do one more task before heading to Mikey’s place.
Danny’s Blackberry had been fucking up on him lately (lately? maybe more like for the last 2 years), so I suggested to him that we stop by a Verizon Store so he could pick up a new phone.

Yeah, that's an engine hoist in the bed of the Brodozer

Ya know, I always thought Danny couldn't park until I noticed his truck was just plain too big for most parking spots.

Long story short, Danny wasn't available for a full upgrade, so no iPhone4 for this guy. :(

The dailys. Miata/Impreza/Del Sol

We had to move Danny's S15 out of the garage so we could use the space to work on his S14.

We put the S14 on jackstands so we could get a bit more space... remove the Toyota 2JZ-GTE motor out

I suppose you're wondering why we're ripping out this motor

The executive decision was made to part out the S14 to move onto an even bigger project.

I won't ruin the surprise, but it'll be worth the wait!

Danny was careful to remove the specially made wire harness out of the way

Working in the bay was much easier without a downpipe in the way

Pumping some Pandora jams through the Macbook Pro

Danny has an obsession with late 90's cheesy dance music. This is your night by Amber? Really?

Time to line up the engine hoist

Ready to pull the 2JZ-GTE

All done!

Mikey and Danny headed over to Mikey’s place where they would take the engine hoist we just used and use it for Mikey’s S14. I however needed to meet up our video guy, Ray, to give him some video files of a recent shoot we did. I met Ray up at 8pm at a local Starbucks, and while waiting for him, I grabbed my favorite drink at a nearby Jamba Juice.

One terabyte of HD video is a lot. But not this time!

Our buddy Ray came by, and we dumped the video files onto his Macbook Pro

Both Ray and I headed over to Mikey and JohnP’s place to help out with the motor installation.

Back at John's, things were already underway, Danh was there too providing little moral support

The outside lights weren't working, so we improvised, and used 3 different iPhones to light up the engine bay

Mind the crusty looking motor

After some wiggling, the motor was finally back in the chassis, and covered up

With Danny's motor removed, and Mikey's motor back in, it was time to celebrate with some pizza!

Unfortunately, soooomebody only ordered one medium pizza, and there were like 6 of us there, so decided to hit up one of our favorite late night places to eat – Moon Tower Inn. If Moon Tower Inn sounds familiar, it’s because this is where we held our SpeedHunters x MaydayGarage Nostalgic Car meet! So we jumped in our cars and drove 2 miles away to this hot dog stand that was known for their dogs and beer, not to mention they’re open till the buttcrack of dawn.

Danh and Moon Tower Inn get along famously.

Yes! Time to order food! I'm starving!

Just don't order while you're on the phone, or they'll kick your ass to the back of the line

mmmmmm beeeer

John's beverage of choice- Bombshell Blonde, a local beer brewed in Conroe and only costs $2!

So as the day wound down, it was time to relax, down a few cold ones (I actually only drank a mexican Fanta), and talk about- you know it- car stuff.

JohnP talking to Danh about the finer points in Stack systems

Too bad he wasn't listening though.

Mikey talks about how being flush with lots of tire is where it's at now.

Danny tells Mikey that's old news and to get on his level.

Fabio makes an appearance after a break from playing StarCraft 2

Yay! My bacon-wrapped pheasant hot dog topped with sambal mayo, cilantro, feta cheese, and Dr. Pepper grilled onions in a warm pretzel bun!

As the night came to an end, everyone left to go their separate ways. I went home and worked on a few photos and some homework for summer school, and everyone else hit the sack. It may seem like a lot of stuff to do in one day, but believe it or not, this is a pretty typical day here in the Mayday realm. We eat, talk about cars, work on cars, take photos, eat more, talk about cars more, drink, and sometimes if time allows, we party. Yep. They call that a Wednesday.
In the future, we will show you the other rides that our guys own and work on. We don’t go to fancy schmancy shops, we do the work when we can, and we thoroughly enjoy doing so. Oh, and you will NOT see pictures of MY car on here. I’m pretty secretive about my car, so you may catch a small glimpse here and there, but it will never grace the pages of MaydayGarage in it’s current form. Sorry. But don’t fret! We still have plenty of cool cars to look at from our crew!

Remember, we’re not just a bunch of guys that browse the internet and take pictures of cars, we really do love cars and we really do work on our cars.

We need feedback! I’ve always thought our lives weren’t interesting enough to warrant a section of our lifestyle, but was convinced by numerous people that we do interesting things. Tell us what you think! Does “The Mayday Life” stay or does it go? YOU guys will ultimately decide, so feedback is a huge help! You can also write on our wall on Facebook!

Till next time,

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