Hailing from Austin, Texas, Russell Walker will be competing in I.R. Drift, the opening ceremonies to Import Reactor and Japanese festival Anime Matsuri in April. Mayday Garage had driven up to Austin this past weekend to kick it with Russell a bit and check out his car. We have to admit, this is one funny ass dude and we cannot wait to kick it with him when he comes down to compete in April for IR: Drift.

Name: Russell Walker
Height: 6ft 2in
Age: 22yrs
Weight: 240Lbs
Blood Type: AB-
Preference in Women: Ladies can step off, I’ve got a girlfriend with it all.

Nice Rays

Nice Ray's

Current Sponsors:

Stance USA
Hooker Harness
Koyo Radiator
Tuning Concepts
Boost Logic
SPL Parts
Falken Tire

Russell has also been picked up and sponsored for I.R. Drift by local hard park crew “Team Ikon”. One of the unique things about I.R. Drift is that it is the opening ceremonies to the car show Import Reactor and the Japanese festival “Anime Matsuri”. Local teams that are in the car show have been given the opportunity to sponsor the drifters competing in the opening ceremonies of the whole weekend, I.R. Drift. Ikon and Russell are both stoked about the collaboration, this is going to be beyond cool.

Hard Park x Drift

Hard Park x Drift

Let’s get to know Russell a bit…

“I work at Boost Logic here in Texas and have been driving for 5 years. In 2009 I made a real push to be competitive on a national level and get out and drive with people all over the country. Going into 2010 I feel like my efforts were successful, I have driven with drivers from all over the country, including going head to head with Kumakubo from Team Orange and many drivers from the USA’s Drift Alliance. I’ve burned over one hundred tires this year and driven 40,000 miles touring the country to drive all while having fun, putting on a good performance for the crowd, and working to bring business to the sponsors that support me.

Who said Altezzas were so 99?

Who said Altezzas were so 99'?

“For the past five years I’ve driven a 1992 Nissan 240SX, which for the 2009 season was fully built for drifting. The car has 380whp, full suspension and weighs under 2400lbs. It is extremely reliable, competitive and I will be keeping it as a practice/back-up car into 2010. However, it is starting to show its age, and I’ve started a project that when completed will have more room to grow competitively and is substantially less common than the Nissan S-Chassis”

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

When asked about his thoughts on I.R. Drift, Russel States, “Only other thing I can think of is that Chelsea better bring the heat, I’m bringin’ 1.22 Jiggawatts. I want a big name, I want a big chain, put my face on it, they call me insane.”

Smoke Much?

Smoke Much?

It sounds like Russell is going to be bringing some heat to I.R. Drift in April and to the 2010 season. We can’t wait. Russell is the first driver profile of a series that we will be releasing here on Mayday Garage in our anticipation for I.R. Drift. Stay tuned!


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