Heat, Breeze, Heat, Rain, Heat again was the weather pattern for the local grassroots drift event that was hosted this weekend by Aaron Loosely at Gulf Greyhound Park. The turnout this weekend was better than I expected with everyone keeping the “whips” indoors until the much anticipated Lonestar Bash that will be going down in October. It is good to see more of these types events going on, as the local drift community was going through bit of a stall there for a bit. Lots of action on Sunday, from great solo runs to 5 car tandems it was a very entertaining event. Friends, Cars, Girls and Speed…what better way to spend a Sunday.

Unfortunately I did not have a telephoto lens with me on Sunday, so for this segment, I have a few hardpark pictures, and hopefully David scored some good drifting shots haha…

Justin’s Sweet Dmax’ed up 240, this car has come a long way, and so has his driving! Awesome to see peoples skill improving from event to event.

Stew’s LS1 S13, I couldn’t begin to start on this guy’s car. It’s phenominal, and he has an epic thread about it on Zilvia, I suggest you check it there.

Wild Exhaust, at every event, every..

Driftaholix LS400 drift car, awesome watching this thing get around.

M3 on Work VSXX, didn’t drift but had some hell nice offset :).

Some Ricer…

On Do-lucks..

And a pretty nice IS300, nice fitment as well..

I had a ton of others, but when I loaded to my computer they were gone, I tried recovering but all I had were like 35 out of the 200 I took. FML. We will have some more up in pt. 2 of the GGP drift event, stay tuned!


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