It’s 2am and late as hell, so what I’m gonna do here is post up some pictures that we took, but in part two, i’ll be explaining a little bit more on how things went down during the MaydayGarage x Baker Tuning presents the Weksos Industries Wek’Fest Pre-Meet. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

A big "F U" goes out to the guys that stole our banner!

Stunning NSX

Swag was on sale for Free.99

It was an awesome turnout

Seriousssssss stuff

I don't think anyone cared about her DJ skills

Catching some Z's

So lowwwwww


WTF Fatlace makes BBK's now?? We need to get with the program

Big body Mazda

Something about this pic is disturbing...

The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Greg Lilly and friends

Ronald's JZ powered FD looking low

Wasn't kidding.

DJ Tito and company spinning vinyl all night long

100lbs of fajita meat courtesy of Baker Tuning, thanks guys!

Y U NO build clean Datsuns??

You know what they say about the size of your jib...


Grant's badass G8

I've always had a thing for Subies on TE37's

So busy!

Mid Engine Madness

Strictly G's came out in full force!

Amy showing off her assets

Mugen Civic

Matching Ruckus

Crazy clean Acura NSX's were abundant

As well as just plain crazy NSX's like Brent's.

Another really nice G35

Dennis' RX-8 showed up despite having some last minute brake issues

Teammate Michael lost a battle with his wheel on the way to the meet. :(

Stevie Phamo shows us how low a civic can go

We love our dogs, so we made our event dog friendly!

We also love our fellow photographers!

Fresh from NY, Princeton shows us his other "daily", the S2K. This guy is nuts.

Brent showing a fan how the scoop is actually a Mr. Fusion.

Partying into the late night.

Big thanks to everyone that made it out, despite it looking like it was going to rain cats and dogs! More coverage to come, we promise!
Be sure to check out Wek’Fest in Ft. Worth, October 15th!

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