Event Coverage: Wek’Fest Pre-Meet part one.

It’s 2am and late as hell, so what I’m gonna do here is post up some pictures that we took, but in part two, i’ll be explaining a little bit more on how things went down during the MaydayGarage x Baker Tuning presents the Weksos Industries Wek’Fest Pre-Meet. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

A big "F U" goes out to the guys that stole our banner!

Stunning NSX

Swag was on sale for Free.99

It was an awesome turnout

Seriousssssss stuff

I don't think anyone cared about her DJ skills

Catching some Z's

So lowwwwww

Events: SF Wek’Fest 2010 : JapanTown San Francisco

Soooo, this weekend I will be flying out to San Francisco from Texas for what I believe is one of California’s most hype, up and coming car shows, Wek’Fest.  I mean, how can you even deny the fact that these guys over there at Wek’Fest / Wek’Sos sold out of 450 spots in the span of 9 days.  Shit, people better take note because these guys obviously know what they are doing and that is how come I am rolling out there.  First stop will be Fatlace, some restaurants,  then party it up with Ben Terry from Stanceworks, Mayday Mikeyy, and hopefully meet up with Cipher Garage and Motormaven’s own Antonio Alvendia.  Stay tuned for coverage from this event, California’s top Hard Parkers in Japantown San Francisco is definitely something you dont want to miss.  For More information visit WEK-FEST site. Check out that roll call, dayum, I can’t wait!


So who all is going??