In our Preview, you may have seen a few pictures of what Honda enthusiasts call the ultimate Honda Mecca, the Eibach meet 2010. I’m sure by now, if you even keep up with the Honda scene, you’ve no doubt seen the various picture threads popping up everywhere on local forum boards and on NWP4life and Honda-Tech. You’ll even see coverage from multiple blogs no doubt, such as SpeedHunters, The Chronicles, and MotorMavens, but we will be showing you a different take on this years Eibach meet. Most people only see the actual show/meet side, with thousands of people running around and taking snaps, but what you DON’T see is the perspective of someone that attends these meets on a regular basis, sort of an inside view, so with that in mind we will be letting our resident Honda fanboy give you his insight on this years meet.

As Ice Cube and Chris Tucker once put it, "DAAAAAAAAAAMMMNN!!!"

Words by Andrew Machac

I’ve grown up around Hondas pretty much all of my adult life, and have owned multiple Hondas such as three different Acura Integras, and three Honda Civics. Back before the Fast & the Furious days, I would go out late at night and catch the street races like most people did back in the 90’s. Hondas were deeply ingrained in my DNA and now I work for a Honda dealership, so I’m guessing this isn’t a phase, and if it is, it’s a long ass one.

Thanks to the wonderful thing we now call the internet, I’ve met quite a few people through various sites such as Honda-Tech, Jspek, and NWP4life. This is where I met some of the guys from Cali, such as Ryan from Rywire, David & JP from DPK, and Fred & Ferd from ATS Garage. Through these forums I was able to become close friends, and one day I decided to venture out to the Holy land we call California. I got to meet all the people that I’ve only seen online, and actually associate names with faces besides just their cars. We would hang out, eat too much In-N-Out for any one man to endure, and even traded stories about our lives with Hondas. Everything was peachy.


Of course, I didn’t just pick random times to go and visit my buddies in Cali. I don’t get many days off for vacation, so I had to make it count. Nisei, Theory, and other meets and shows were good times to go, and you would definitely see some fresh cars at these events, however, there is only one meet where all the cars have an H badge (not Hyundai), and that is the annual Eibach meet held at the Eibach headquarters in Corona, CA. This year would mark the third time i’ve been out to Eibach, and even though trends come and go, my pals never did.

I left on a thursday night from Houston to LAX and met up with David from DPK who was kind enough to take me to the now mandatory stop to In-N-Out burgers for some animal style fries and double doubles. We then headed over to Henry’s over in Huntington Beach.

On Saturday, we woke up and started to get crackin’ on Henry’s EG.

The guys take some time to prepare the final touches on Henry's EG

The EG the day before Eibach

After changing the fluids on the EG, it was time to take it for a spin to make sure everything was gravy.

Henry and David picking up chicks

When everything was good, we all headed over to David’s house to officially kickstart this party.

The cars lined up on the street

ATS from NorCal arriving onto the scene

The NorCal people parking it with the SoCal people

Ferd's Del Sol prewash

Ron's car matching up with the scenery

Up close and personal

A little over three years ago, the two crews DPK and ATS decided it would be a great idea to combine their efforts and become MiracleWhips. All of the ATS peeps reside in NorCal, and DPK in SoCal. So when Eibach comes around this time of year, it’s sort of a huge culmination of both crews, with the NorCal guys coming down south. The day before the event, everyone from both crews meet up at David’s house to wash cars, button up a few things and just generally hang out, catch up and have a great time chillin.
This has sort of become a tradition every year, so it’s also something to look forward to besides the actual meet.

Jaylen is a ham

Ben's S2000 getting a good cleaning

Jason keeping his Integra super clean

Chris putting the spray down on David's Civic

If you haven’t noticed by now, everyone helps each other out, and that includes mundane tasks such as washing cars. It’s a common thing to see multiple guys cleaning one car at a time, and is part of that tradition. This is something you don’t see at the shows, and is a very family oriented thing to see.

Fred and Jaylen enjoying the badass Cali weather

Ron putting in some new fender liners to make the car complete

Ryan running down the street in his mint CRX

Me in David's Civic doing who knows what

Ferd and Chris careful not to scratch up Jason's car with the hose

Ryan giving his mugen's a good wash

Ryan and Jason competing in snychronized polishing

Ron hitting up the longboard

Yes. That is Ron’s car behind him as he’s skating. The guy driving it is Ferd, and if you think Ron is worried about his car, think again, everyone trusts each other indefinitely with their cars, and it’s this kind of trust you don’t really come across anywhere else.

Ferd driving Ron's car, trying not to run him over just yet

Salem from Phaze2 dropping by in his TE37 fitted TSX to say hello

Ron's car getting the soapsud treatment

ATS & DPK = MiracleWhips, like peanut butter and jelly

Ron's EG sans soap

Steve James, aka "BlackPie" gettin' hooooongray

AJ getting his car ready for the big show tomorrow

Having extra hands to help you out goes a long way

Dina's badass S2K, this girl can get down!

This show and go EK belongs to Ryan from ATS

The ATS crew walks away from explosions as well

As the sun went down that saturday, everyone rested up cause the next day was gonna be long, and it all started at around 7am. Everyone met back up at David’s house the next day and from here headed on out to Eibach which was about 45 minutes away.

Everyone wiping off their eye boogers in the morning

JP rolling in with his turbo EG

Birds of a feather stick together

JP using hand signals

Ryan's EK rolling hard down the freeway

We're here at Roll in!

Eibach is one of the best meets you could ever go to if you’re into the Honda scene as much as I am, and for a lot of enthusiasts, Eibach is THE place to be this time of year. But for me, it’s not. It’s everything that leads up to the meet that makes everything so worthwhile, I don’t fly to California just for a car meet, although I know a lot of people that do, I do it to kick it with my homies, cause they are like my second family, and the only difference between my own family and this one is that my Cali family have some badass rides!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank David, Ryan Der, Fred, Ferd, Ray, Phil, Chris, AJ, Henry, JP, Anh, Jeremy, Ron, Ben, Joey, Alex, Big Mike, and Ryan Rywire for always showing me a good time and for the hospitality.


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All pictures were taken exclusively by Andrew Machac for MaydayGarage.
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Stay tuned as we cover the Eibach meet 2010 in part 2!

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