Event Coverage: The Mother of All Honda Meets – Eibach 2010 Pt. 1

In our Preview, you may have seen a few pictures of what Honda enthusiasts call the ultimate Honda Mecca, the Eibach meet 2010. I’m sure by now, if you even keep up with the Honda scene, you’ve no doubt seen the various picture threads popping up everywhere on local forum boards and on NWP4life and Honda-Tech. You’ll even see coverage from multiple blogs no doubt, such as SpeedHunters, The Chronicles, and MotorMavens, but we will be showing you a different take on this years Eibach meet. Most people only see the actual show/meet side, with thousands of people running around and taking snaps, but what you DON’T see is the perspective of someone that attends these meets on a regular basis, sort of an inside view, so with that in mind we will be letting our resident Honda fanboy give you his insight on this years meet.

As Ice Cube and Chris Tucker once put it, "DAAAAAAAAAAMMMNN!!!"