If you’ve been following MaydayGarage for a few years, then you know Mayday’s earliest beginnings started off as a caravan to Austin dubbed The Mayday Capital Run. It was originally conceived and planned by our very own JohnP as a way to build a small knit group of people that just want to cruise as a pack. The first few were so successful, we now have a following that travel with us every time we have one of these runs.

Our pace car provided by Greg Lilly/Underground Graphics

Attack of the Subies.

Mmmmmm. Burgers.

If you have one of these stickers, you're lucky, cause we will never have this sticker again.

John telling everyone not to moon people.

The contingents.

Ahhhh the friendships that were made during this trip...

G vs. G

Dat Green Ass

The Buc-ee's sign shows you what you can do in the bathroom

Baker Tuning was in the house

I'd be smiling too if I got to drive Greg's C63

Greg and I witnessed many sparks fly from underneath this car!

At our hotel in Ft. Worth.

Mikey puts the animal in animal style

This time around, we assembled a run that would span from Houston to Ft. Worth, a trek that would last roughly five hours including two notable stops. I don’t know what it is, but when John picked me up in Greg Lilly’s C63 AMG, I had this sick feeling the turnout wouldn’t be good because we were leaving on a Friday morning, a weekday. But then again, I always expect the worst, so this is a normal occurrence for me.

The early morning crew

MaydayGarage sticker = instant photo

Maps, waivers, and stickers. The bare essentials.

Sporting that sticker with pride!

A Ralliart Lancer on WEDS? Not bad...

In case you didn't know

Eddie even came to see us off in his G dirty 5

Does this qualify as grabbing one's own ass?

Yeah, he rides like this daily. Even on 300 mile trips

John explaining the no mooning rule again

Do Work Son

Our main squeeze.

Mikey working the crowds

Greg doing what he does best: Applyin' Vinyl


Apple has their Steve Jobs (RIP), Mayday has their JohnP

John reminding everyone not to moon anyone.

When we finally showed up at 9am, there was already a small group of cars waiting for us, and as the minutes swept past, the cars started to roll in one after another. Soon we had a caravan just a hair under forty cars, all dumped and modified, all itching to get on the road to have some fun. Waivers were signed (we aren’t responsible for shit!), maps given out in case one were to get lost, and the special edition Lonestar Run stickers were personally hand given to each driver that was more of a badge of honor to others that they participated in one of the most epic cruises across Texas ever.

We've taught him well.

We love our domestics too

Not to mention our JDM Jews

Jason from Baker Tuning snapping off a shot over the Cusco Cage

Double trouble

blang blanggggg

So many G's and Z's came along

M3's with JDM wheels always have a special place in my heart

As John was piloting Greg’s C63, we had all broken up into smaller teams to cover the run. Mikey hitched a ride with Mike from Team Opulence in his super slammed MazdaSpeed 3, Khiem rode shotgun in Danh’s E36 M3, and I myself rode in Greg Lilly’s other car, the matte green STi. As the three of us tried to get as many shots of the cars as possible, I felt bad for kneeling on Greg’s super expensive carbon kevlar Bride seats as I was hanging out of the window.

Checking out the pace car's luxurious interior

Autrey talking about how he saw two fine hams sticking out of Michael's window

Fill er up

some used the time to make sure everything was in working order.

and others used the time to eat a snack

snacks snacks snacks!

That's a lot of food.

Paul Morgan: Billionaire

The only sticker that matters is on the bottom left


Khiem choosing which poison he'd rather put in his body



Paul's wife gassin' up her car.

Taped up and ready to roll

When we pulled into our first official stop in a town called Madisonville, it was a first time for some of our followers, but for many, stopping into Buc-ee’s is a must on any trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Buc-ee’s is actually known for two things, their fast food served at an enormous food bar and their toilets. Toilets?? Yeah, if you’ve ever been, the toilets are not what you’d expect from any other “gas station”, because they’re actually clean, something the owners of Buc-ee’s know all too well. The stop gave everyone a chance to stretch their legs, fill up on gas, and grab a snack, as well as talk about how the run was going. Buc-ee’s is a huge place, but that didn’t stop us from overtaking the facility in our modified rides. People would drive by and gawk, point, and I even had one lady in a huge truck ask me if Buc-ee’s was having some sort of car show. I told her we were running from the rice patrol and left it at that.


Danh's speedometer telling you how it was.

I'm sure this caught a few people by surprise.

so purdy

Almost there!

The Hondas came out to play

Not sure what the story behind the hood was.

Can't tell you how much I love this pic.

I’m sure you guys have already seen the previous post about Mikey mooning John, and rest assured he was the only person to my knowledge that broke cardinal rule #3, but much fun was to be had during the trip. A highlight for me was while riding shotgun in Greg’s STi, John had pulled up beside us in Greg’s other car, rolled down his window, and asked, “Hey Greg, do you want to race your own car?” Of course, you already know what happened. The STi is no slouch, but the C63 was no joke either as it started to pull past us, I couldn’t help but giggle. This is what the Lonestar Run was all about, having a blast.

I really wish there was one of these in Houston.

Checking for rock chips and dead bugs

The last one was bagged btw.

This older TT came out to meet us at In-N-Out

Team MaydayGarage about to embark on an epic fast food burger

It may look like doo doo, but it's great. Animal Style FTW

With animal style fries to match!

Get it son!

Khiem gettin' down on his double double

After everyone was done, they were on the hunt for a toilet for obvious reasons.

Our last stop was a first for many it seems. In-N-Out burger is one of those places you either love or hate. I’ve been many times on the West Coast, and I already knew what I wanted. Double Double, animal style, with cheese fries and a coke. Yes, it’s terrible for your health, and I don’t normally eat fast food, but seeing as the only In-N-Outs in Texas are all in the Ft. Worth/Dallas areas (a total of nine), I’d have to make an exception to the rule. Unfortunately, some people don’t know about the “secret” menu, and the endless types of ways you can customize your burger, and for a lot of these people, they thought In-N-Out was meh. Understandable. Of course, our Mayday runners took over the entire parking lot and we completely raided the place. I had the chance to introduce myself to a few of our fellow runners and got to know them on a more personal basis, and it was at this point I realized that our crew goes above and beyond when it comes to shooting cars on the highway. Multiple people told me I was crazy for hanging out of Greg’s car with my camera in only one hand with absolutely no strap, and the same went for Khiem and Mikey. What can we say? We pretend to know what we’re doing…

Sweet! A camera store! Giggity!

Like a kid in a candy store

This lens works great!

Checking in to our hotel

Doing work

The aftermath that is the Lonestar Run

Paul of Baker Tuning checking out our rooms, Thanks guys!

Our suite before we trashed it

A really clean BMW we spotted outside

As we parted ways after chowing down on my double double, the camera nerd in me spotted a camera shop across the street and we all piled in and checked out their gear. I ended up picking up a 14-24mm 2.8 lens to use for Wek’Fest and looking back at it now, I may have overused it, but it was fun. We finally checked into our hotel just a few miles away from the convention center, and charged our batteries for the next day. I won’t say what we did that night before Wek’Fest, but just know that if any of you guys ever hang out with us (anyone can) at any of these car events, be prepared to party and do the craziest things you never thought you’d do. You can start by coming to any of our future runs!

Going apeshit.

Errrrr.... That's probably a mexican coke in that brown bag.

Tomorrow I will make the most epic post you’ve ever seen for our coverage of Wek’Fest. Get ready.

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