What a better way to start off my recent move to Maryland than a big grassroots drift event? Drift Nirvana’s yearly 100 drifters of December is exactly what it sounds like, to assemble 100+ drifters and invade every inch of Summit Point Motorsports park, a huge track nestled in a small town in West Virginia. What makes this event unique isn’t just the sheer amount of local and semi-pro drifters sliding around, but rather how they give drifters a choice on which track they’d like to drift. Yes. Multiple tracks all at once, kind of like how they do it at Ebisu in Japan.

S14's zooming by was a normal occurrence.

The Freed Engineering MX83 Cressy making it's rounds with a full boat

Everyone getting ready for battle

JDM duo

This S14 seems reaaaaal familiar...

Thanks to Jaime Clague and Justin Alacrious for letting me use this video! Be sure to check out Alacrious Media via Dodgemsquad.co.uk!

This two day event was filled with varying levels of driver experience, and there was a track for everyone. Also just as diverse were the cars, however, a good majority of them were 240sx’s. It didn’t seem to matter to anyone really as scores of drift enthusiasts were scattered around the track to get the best view possible. There was also an upper bridge that goes directly over one of the tracks where everyone stood to take photos and to view the action from a bird’s point of view.

Corey Zinkham shredding up the asphalt

This S13 was just plain shredded up. :(

Soaring low

Unfortunately I never got to see this beast in action, but from what people were telling me, it was quite a sight.

Too bad, I thought this widebody SC would've looked great on camera going sideways

It's always interesting to see a drifting Skyline in the states

It's even MORE interesting to see this under the hood!

Participants await their turn on one of the courses.

Sadly, since I just moved into Maryland, I couldn’t make it out to the event on Saturday, but I did manage to squeeze in a few hours on Sunday where I tried to get some good pictures. I didn’t take as many of the actual drifting as I’d like since I showed up at the beginning of the break, but I still managed to get in a few shots.

Pink. That is all.

Can't see shit captain!

Big plumes of tire smoke are always good

Rapper Dan Savage and Anthony from JE Import Performance

Dan seems semi sexy

Not something you see everyday (drifting)

One of the many vantage points to spot drivers

Bumpers just get in the way.

Hai. Hai there.

I heard that this was the last drift event for a good while in this region, so hopefully sometime in spring, I’ll be able to see more of the local talent. You know I’ll be there.

Don't let the exterior fool you, this Corolla was packing a PUNCH.

Remember this Miata I posted last week?

The AC fan varies on how fast you're going

Serious fitment for a Miata

....that comes at a price.

There were all kinds of "fitment/flush" cars at the event as well.

Some were more extreme than others.

By far the most unique of all the cars present. Smallest car there!

When I first saw this car, I thought I had seen it before.

When I looked at the rear, there was no doubt it was Nathan Ong.

Nathan has been a MaydayGarage supporter from the very beginning. We sent him this one of a kind Mayday Sticker as a thank you. Only one in the world.

The end.


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