If you have been paying attention to our blog in the past we have featured two Datsun S30 240Zs, Khanh Le’s and Van Luong’s. Therefore it is no secret that we hold a special place in our hearts for this classic piece of Japanese art.  Which leads us to this week’s Nostalgic Wednesday, the Wangan Midnight Devil Z.  Wangan Midnight is yet another classic Japanese Manga/Anime from the mother land that glorifies the art of the Wangan. 

The classic Wangan Midnight is about a street racer (Akio) and his adventures on the Wangan with his 1970 S30 Fairlady Z otherwise known as the Devil Z. The Devil Z in the past had changed hands many times because it was thought to be a ” haunted” car. The main character Akio first cast his eyes upon the Devil Z in a junkyard waiting to be scrapped, he convinced the junkyard owner to sell it to him and the rest is history.  In the story he scooped up the Z with a 3.1 liter stroker motor, full cage, bucket seats, and a whole bunch of other modifications.  Something that would not happen in real life, but hey, that is why it is a story and a good one at that. From the junkyard, with some minor repair Aiko uses this beast to own some ass on the Wangan, great stuff!

Keep in mind that this Manga was created in 1990 and the S30 Devil Z was rocking some aggressive fitment and dope ride height, back then.  Which leads me to think that much of the current street styling of the nostalgic Zs out there might have been sparked by the Manga, although no one would admit it.

Just like Initial D, you know a fictional car is a badass if it spawns real life creations!

If you have a couple of hours to kill tonight, watch the live action movie or even better, sit down through the episodes which can be found online.  Wangan Midnight is a great story that has spawned years of racing, movies,  multiple video games and it captures S30 240z that we all love so much which makes it a win in our book.

Check out the Devil Z on the Dyno maxing it out in the live action film from 1991!


Here’s to Nerdum!

— JohnP

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