As I was cleaning up my hard drive, I stumbled on a video I had titled The “Roaring VTEC: Battle at 10,000 RPM”. The video included one of, or probably the best Honda CRX ever built; the SS Works CRX. I fell in love with this CRX for 3 reasons;

1. Back to school – The SS Works CRX with its super lightweight 720kg chassis sends the Esprit NSX, Spoon S2000 and others back to the drawing board. If I’m not mistaken, it still holds the record for the fastest NA FF around the Tsukuba running around 59s, followed by the Yellow Factory Civic.

2.  N/A B-Power – SS Works dumped the ZC and replaced it with the B18C (Type R), bored, stroked and tuned to push a max of 230hp @8,100RPM. Boosting is nice, but I prefer NA Hondas specially when Vtec kicks in yo.

3. Rice is Nice – This awesomely looking track prep’d CRX looks good on track, but imagine this baby blue pearl,blue headlights, racing striped, body kitted, loud 4 banger, winged Honda rolling down the street…imagine the look on people’s faces as you roll by.

Everything on this car had a purpose; B18C is a heavy motor to begin with compared to the ZC, so SS Works stripped the car of unnecessary weight. With a super lightweight car, combined with power, traction loss comes to play; and to compensate for the loss of traction, the CRX was fitted with custom suspension, braking and aero to tackle the corners.

The SS Works CRX, a well rounded build, with a close to perfect balance between power, handling and weight distribution. And if you have not seen the viral video, I have saved 59secs of your time of searching online. Enjoy!



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