Welcome to another edition of Nostalgic Wednesdays!

Today’s topic would be the RS Watanabe wheels! Say your oldschool ain’t oldschool if you ain’t got these 8-spoke magwheels!

Funny how i said “magwheels” because it’s a rare term used specially now a days. These high quality wheels are produced by the company Racing Service Watanabe. The signature 8-spoke wheels have been rolling since 1968.

RS Watanabe produced these wheels in both Aluminum or Magnesium. Magnesium versions were designed for maximum driver control and weight reducing properties for motorsports pourposes.

Aluminum versions of these wheels were designed for the automotive enthusiast or road whores.

Though the design is primarily 8spoke rounded bars, there are 3 variations of these wheels. Variations of these wheels are available in A/B-Type, F8-Type and R-Type.

The R-Type wheels are the race version and are deeper offsets with a deeper dished effect. These wheels basically defines oldschool; a timeless design that are certainly a must have for every 86 driver, every miata driver, and specially the kenmeri skyline driver.

even Takumi had his Watanabes.

PS. These guys from Racing Service Watanabe are so serious with their product that they had their own TV Ad. Where can you find a wheel company that advertises on TV??! lol


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