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For today’s Nostalgic Wednesday, I’m honored to share one of my favorite cars of all time.

Ahhhh yes…the Mercedes Benz 190e EVO II. Whenever I hear EVO II, all  I picture is a high-rise fiber glass spoiler on a “baby benz”(i don’t know, it must be the ricer in me..the fat evo wing kit ya know).


The first Evo II was presented to the public during the 1990 Geneva Auto Show. It’s predecessors were the Evo I and the Cosworth.

Originated from a W201 chasis, Mercedes Benz equipped the “baby benz” with an more powerful engine under the bonnet, wider&more aerodynamic body kit, tractable suspension (with 3 height settings;controls mounted on the steering wheel), bolstering bucket seats for both driver and passengers (front and back!)

Even though it was originally designed for racing; I thank Mercedes Benz for producing a road version for normal citizens to enjoy. Not all MB EVOs are Mitsu Bishi EVOs. (lol)

Origins of the Mercedes Benz/ BMW rivalry; when BMW released the e30 M3, they came up with the 190e EVO. And so it continues till today with the AMGs against the newer M3’s.

If i were to win the Texas Lottery, I’d search the planet and definitely buy one add this to my list. I love it because it’s a fast 4door(well, fast during its time), produced only 500 black and the last 2 (501, 502) silver, i love its classic Merc boxy styling, and lastly I love this car not only for its signature aggressive wing, but also for what it has contributed to the “Golden Age” of German automotive racing.

This car has been the main reason why I smile every time I see a clean, well- maintained 190e on the road.

From now on, keep your eyes open for a 190e when you are out driving; and if you do,

…remember the Mercedes Benz EVO II.

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