JohnP did a Nostalgic Wednesday on both the ever popular Midnight Wangan and InitialD series Manga in a couple of past entries. I love both of these series, but let’s face it, I’m sure you guys have heard of both before you saw it here. If you’ve been searching for more of these types of Mangas, then you’ve probably came across Shakotan Boogie as well. I’d like to show you guys another Manga in that same style, featuring a very well known Italian car called “Countach” by Umezawa Haruto.

Just another normal day in a Lambo.

Finding more information on this series isn’t easy. And I’ve been “reading” (more like skimming) this series for a few months now, and I’ve tried my best to figure out what’s going on without actually speaking a lick of Japanese, so if i’m dead wrong on some of this stuff, please forgive me in advance.

This series, which from what I can tell, spans across 22 complete volumes and the story revolves around one guy with a dream. A dream to one day own the car he’s always wanted, a Lamborghini Countach LP400 (early model Countach). Well, maybe not exactly.

The main hero (I have no clue what his name is) is your average Joe, a blue collar, normal mannered construction worker who one day, stumbles upon a letter made out to him with a picture of a Lamborghini Countach…

Our hero opening up his mail to discover something vaguely familiar...

It's a picture of a Countach! (what a surprise)

He remembers back when he was just a kid and starts to reminisce about one day owning a Countach when he was older. It didn’t quite play out that way…

Back to reality. Our hero gets the next best thing to a Countach. An MR2 AW11.

Something is odd about that picture that was sent to him. Turns out it was sent by some filthy stinkin’ rich man that wants to help make our hero’s dream a reality…

He sends one of his workers to fetch our hero in a Rolls Royce for a "surprise"

After a brief talk about cars, the rich guy shows our Hero his new car.

It's a Countach! (what a surprise)

Funny moment here as our hero falls into the deep bucket seats of the Countach

He fires it up!

Of course, he wants to give the Lambo a spin around the block

And just like InitialD and Midnight Wangan, he's challenged by another driver...

And he makes quick work of the Ferrari 360

So basically, the series continues with our Hero roaming the streets of Japan taking out other high end, exotic cars in his old Lambo, with many interesting opponents including a Corvette C5.

Only in Japan will you see an old Countach race against a modern Corvette

It’s a very intriguing series, and I recommend any of you Manga guys that are into cars to pick up this series. Although this is not exactly nostalgic, (the series started in 2004), you’ll come across a lot of cool older exotics and Japanese cars altogether. I’ve shared a few scans of the Manga, and you can pick it up on eBay, but if you really look, you can find most of the series right here online!

Happy Hunting!


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