1991 Champion : 24 Hour Le Mans.....yeah!

1991 would be the most celebrated year for Mazda racing fans.

why? 3. Reasons…

1. Because it’s the year when Japanese auto manufacturer, Mazda, kicked everyone and their momma’s asses on the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.

2.  Equipped with the Wankel Rotary engine, it was the only non piston engined car to ever win. The rotary power-plant was so effective and so lightweight compared to the other engines that the rules for the following races were changed; therefore banning the rotary engine from competing in subsequent Le Mans endurance races.  At the end of the season the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile completely banned the use of Wankel-type (rotary) engines in the racing series. Now how badass is that?

wanker. lol

3. Three 787B’s were entered for the 1991 event, placing first, sixth, and eighth. The #55 car led the race for three hours, from lap 320 to the checkered flag, for the WIN.

rotary pwr.

It’s amazing how long Mazda came, conquered and then got banned in one single season of racing. It’s like banning M.Jordan from basketball, banning M. Schumacher from Formula1, and banning L. Armstrong from TDF ?

It makes me wonder; was it a fair decision?

Like the listed sports players above, everyone had the passion to win, like L. Armstrong blessed with a good abnormal heart.

Mazda obviously had the passion and was equipped with a good abnormal heart(the Rotary engine), should everyone else have stepped up their game? Or should we eliminate the best contender when the game has changed?…

Mr. Keiichi Tsuchiya

Bonus Video!


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