Sorry about the serious delay. I’ve been a bit busy at my job and between that and trying to recover from my recent illness, I’ve been trying to desperately find the time to put up day two from our travels to Japan. Don’t fret! We’re gonna blow your minds with another awesome post that will make your computer/phone explode.

Mayday. Fucking. Garage.

In the belly of the beast! RWB Japan!

This wasn't for bowling



Like all things in Japan, this one falls under the category of cute.

Saturday trains = not so crowded.

They're not even looking at the Ferrari!!!! >:(

Dat RE Amemiya knows how to make a car

BBS still in the game

Heaven is made up of brake kits

Put on your battle gear, it's time to get down

Hide yo daughters, Japan. Mayday is in town.

When I last left off, we had just taken in day one at the Tokyo Auto Salon right after meeting up Nakai and Toshi from Rauh-Welt Begriff Japan at a bar and lounge in the ritzy part of Roppongi Hills. Tokyo Auto Salon ended around 5pm that Friday, so we tried to avoid the rush of everyone cramming into the metro lines by leaving a little early. We were supposed to meet Nakai and Toshi one more time but at the actual RWB shop in Chiba City.

With our new pal, Park Baker of High Top Fade who’s been living in Japan for a few years guiding us gaijin around, we decided to run back to our hotel which isn’t far from Rauh-Welt Japan and take a breather. We charged our phones and camera batteries while we tried to catch up with things back at home via the book of faces. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat nearby (forgot the name of the place) which actually looked more like a Japanese version of Waffle House minus the fat truckers. We paid for our meals via a coin operated machine at the front of the restaurant that looked like a condom vending machine you find in shady clubs back at home. We sat down and the guys chowed down on some curry beef and rice (extremely popular in Japan) while I got down on some rice with some thinly sliced beef on top. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t something you’d brag about, and at this point in the day, we really didn’t care because we were hungry.

We felt like monkeys staring at this machine.

Danny was semi amused.

Park showed us how to use the damn thing

And out popped this curry! Jk. They bring it to you.

My beef and rice bowl. It's about $4.

Evan showing us how JDM he was by inhaling the entire bowl.

Stepped outside for some fresh air.

After leaving, we were told by Nakai to take a train to a station nearby his shop where he would pick us up. He shows up right on time and we quickly all cram into his lowered Benz, making it even more slammed. We pull up to RWB and it’s just like what you see online and on the photos, a decrepit looking old tin shop that has widebody Porsches littered all over the lot. We all looked at each other with the stupidest grins, giving each other that “oh you’re damn right” nod.

Nakai from RWB picks us up in style.

We walk into RWB and were immediately greeted with half a dozen fatass Porsches all wearing different color paint, kinda like how you’d imagine walking into a skittles bag if you were the size of a flea. To the right was the famous neon light lit lounge area complete with walls of Stella Artois bottles, pool table and assorted random car parts like Brembo calipers scattered throughout. The ultimate man cave.

Nakai had these out just for us to consume them. *rolls up sleeves*

Don't worry, he had other drinks as well

Danny checks out the cave.

A lot of Japanese men smoke. Nakai is no exception.

Assorted photos that Nakai has collected over the years

Just another day in the RWB mancave

Yeah I don't get it either.

As you can probably tell, Park does not own a High Top Fade

I want to rock these skittles

Once you see it...

We weren’t the only ones there, however. If you remember the RWB 911’s from Thailand, the white 993 in particular, the owner of that car was there too. He was in Japan for TAS as well, and we quickly exchanged names. As Danny and Evan were chatting with Nakai and Toshi about suspension setups for his 993 back in Texas, I started taking a few snaps alongside Park and Danh who were already on the floor of the shop taking photos of the many beasts that were kept in captivity. I’d look at Danh a few times, and he already knew exactly what I was thinking- that we were on the other side of the planet in the most ultimate man cave having a Stella Artois with the legend himself.

Toshi San

Shinji Yoshioka

Nakai enjoying a relaxing moment

Shinji photobombing it

There were walls full of rims and tires, the entire place smelled of paint, blood, and tires. Loved it.

Dem asssssses

Car talk

It may seem strange that a set of Brembo Calipers are just chilling on a pool table, but that's pretty normal in the house that Rauh Welt built

RWB x ILLEST x Circuit Soul x Mayday Garage

The next thing I knew was we were all to go out to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet nearby. It was insisted by Nakai that we go, because he wanted to show us a good time. We had JUST eaten like maybe two hours ago, but we didn’t have the heart to tell him we just ate, so we smiled and agreed to go.

Of course the two white guys go straight for the "wall of meat"

Someone needs to tell Park to "puff his draws" more

Nakai handing us plates

All you can eat sushi too?? Done.

mmmmm.... Yakisoba noodles and mystery food...

At first glance I thought this machine dispensed bacon. I was sorely disappointed when it only gave me water/tea.

Time to cook!

Someone needs to tell Danh that the show was over

Nakai prefers the taste of oil to his BBQ meat

Eating with the legend

Toshi San with the Thailand guys

Forever Alone. jk, I was sitting with him

Near the end, we felt the food coma coming, and combined with our lack of sleep from the past two days, we called it quits and politely told the RWB boys that we needed to get back, even though he wanted us to go to yet another party. This guy is a freaking animal! I was told by the Thailand guys that Nakai had maybe slept a total of 6 hours during that week at it was Friday! Crazy.

We crashed that night, crashed out hard.

1st one down, Danny.

2nd one out, Evan

lol, three strikes. Danh's WAY out.

The next morning we awoke and hopped on the train to what we thought was the station for Makuhari Messe, the convention center, but it being Saturday now, the trains ran a completely different route. We got off at a different stop, but were told to take a bus to where TAS was. We didn’t mind, and did our best to get there in one piece.

Yeah. 7-Eleven was a daily stop for us. Coffee/Onigiri

Danny reading a JDM Porsche Magazine. Surprise, surprise

Unlike it's American counterpart, the food served and sold in 7-Elevens are actually quite tasty

Even their meatsticks taste better. Yay for bacon!

Danny figured a way where we wouldn't have to guess how much metro fares were. We'd just buy the cheapest ticket and pay the difference at the last station

Waiting for the train

Danh practicing his FOB squats

Evan tries hard to blend in. Almost.

Waiting for the bus to arrive.

This is Onigiri, that magical crack like food that we kept eating. I found one place in Washington DC that sells this stuff where I live.

Evan demonstrates how to eat one while looking like a monkey

While waiting for the bus, me and Danh spot this Mitsubishi Colt and Toyota Chaser nearby

I especially liked the Colt's looks

Damn. Recaros too.

On the bus, this sign says to give up your seat for: Gandalf, fat people with the BG's, parents that have limbless children, and pirate musicians

Normal looking bus...

...except these "high chairs" for special people/rulers

We arrived at Tokyo Auto Salon, and like day one, me and Danh put on our gamefaces and went to work. We met up with Park again for day two, and as he was shooting for StanceNation, I sought out to cover some of my favorite cars in the Tuning Gallery.

Our first indication of a good day: A modified F430 zooms by us on our way to the convention center

I'm preeeetty sure that's the vag symbol

Hmmm Black Bison. Catchy.

Now that day two was open to the public, the crowds were MUCH bigger, and the creeper count increased ten times over. UGH

Here's Evan waiting in a line he had no idea what was for. He wanted to see what it was for.

Come on now Evan, you should've know this by now dude.

Damn. That's a lot of lights.

Sweet! Volvos in Japan!

Daddy like

Cool! There was a huge commotion over at the WALD booth

Dammit! I should've known this by now dude

To my disappointment, it wasn't weed.

Sweet R31


Creepers gon' creep

Megatron's personal ride


what in the world

That kid looks genuinely scared.


This was my favorite Previa there.


lol, I just liked the name.

David and Goliath

lol, pro stuff. Good enough.

This M3 had an odd texture leading me to believe that it was wrapped.

So I know this looks like a normal BBK at first glance...

It's pretty ginormous

That guy's hair is redonkulous

That's a huge wang

We know this car

The Sessions Aristo.

That's an interesting exhaust setup


Something's new here.

Even this kid knows

Luke Munnell likes this

Can't smoke this J

Green on one side...


...polished on the other

Without a doubt my favorite Z in the show


Perfect match

bronze on the other side, nice

I’m gonna close out part one of day two with one of my favorite tuner cars there, the Pit Road GTO. This thing was beefy, and screamed balls out racing.

Those tires! o.0

The beauty lies within

Don’t worry! There’s a TON more! I couldn’t fit all the photos into one post, so I had to break it up into two parts! Part two will cover the rest of the TAS cars we saw that day, so relax!

Stay tuned, I’m leaving tonight for San Francisco, California to attend one of the biggest shows in the US, Wek’Fest SF! We’ve got a lot more coming down the pipeline so watch out!


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