Onto part 2 of our year in review post!

Something the local guys here in Houston know about Mayday Garage is our commitment to keep hosting meets for people to gather. We are known for two particular weekly meets; Ricer Wednesdays and Coffee and Rice on Sundays. Ricer Wednesday was originally started as a means to help promote our food truck, The Rice Box, which is held near downtown Houston on a very lively street in the Montrose District. Ricer Wednesday is always interesting to us because of the different crews that roll out to enjoy street style cars in a very unique part of town while enjoying great Chinese food. Be it groups of swapped Hondas, cliques of Subaru fanatics or a gang of modified Honda Ruckus’, there’s always something new, and that in itself is exciting enough to show up every week as a lot of people do.

Chan and Jeremiah of Proper Garage

JohnP gives Khiem a push to make sure he gets traction

Kevin Tran's Project Amuse hits the streets for the first time in years
Bikes are allowed too
One seriously low G37

Andrew's track/street IS300

Cody's other ride
Tom's bitching S2K on classic TE37SL's.
Jesus Perez's Oni Camber TL-S
Greg Lily's bagged and supercharged BRZ
Busy streets at Ricer Wednesday

We got to watch everyone's cars evolve and change, including Tom's S2K with Mugen MF10's

George's radical Caddy on Weds Kranze LXZ's



Volkswagen Crew

Bruce's now efamous 280ZX as he made his official debut

Up next: Coffee and Rice 2014!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

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