JTran Studios, named aptly after it’s owner, Johnny Tran (not the guy who got narc’d out), has been a positive driving force in Houston’s Tuner scene since owning Wings West Touring wings were cool. As such, this local North Houston shop which houses an AWD Mustang Dyno and work-bays-a-plenty, has seen it’s fair share of different types of trends fall and rise. Something I absolutely admire about JTran studios is it’s “Total Tuning” mindset which is very common to see in tuner shops in Japan. What is “Total Tuning”? In a word, everything. Suspension work, big brake conversions, interiors, sound systems, aero work, and of course engine modifications that are include, but not limited to; forced induction, dyno tuning, fabrication and serious engine builds. Some shops concentrate on only one or two areas, but the folks at JTran Studios “get it”, and the cars that come from this respective shop are typically cars that we see setting the bar at meets and shows here locally.

So to get more attention to what the guys here do, JTran Studios wanted to host a small get together at their shop as sort of an open house, where anyone could attend. Free Pizza, drinks, and a stellar DJ Sven pumping out music set the tone and mood of the meet which is best described as “chillaxed”. As people started to pile in, it wasn’t long before Martin Luk’s Orange Z33 Beast was strapped onto the dyno and tamed to an astounding 700+whp tune. Seems these guys know what they’re doing. As the air cleared of gasoline, I stepped out to check the cars, and was genuinely impressed by the caliber of cars that attended. The bad rice levels were at a low, which meant the quality of the meet was that much more impressive. I didn’t stay long unfortunately because it got virtually pitch black outside, but it’s safe to say whenever I see a JTran sticker on a car, I will definitely give that car a second look.

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