Well here is the rest of the coverage that I came across from the Speedhunters event, courtesy of Mr. Michael Martin. Michael is a part of the Mayday Collective and rocks out with the notorious 786 motoring crew. Check out what he covered at the Speedhunters event =D!

Winner of the Speedhunters Rice Award, Gary aka “GSlide) ! Rice, of course being a good thing. Different and unique styling ;^D

GSlide himself and Ameen, jealous he didn’t get the award with his Cressida. lol

John Leigh


Only Ameen would have a Maid Mechanic

Amir’s Ol’ Betsy, No BS, 2JZGTE R154 on TE-37’s dipped classic Houston purple with Rainbow flake, Sho-Nuf.

Ameen with Maids (1)

Ameen with Maids (2)



Hmm, Cressida Next?


Top Secret G37

Rod Chong on a mission

Mikeyyy with Linhbergh Nguyen

CutiePie, Ameen, Mikeyyyy

Great Coverage, the rest of Michael Martin’s photos can be found here! Congrats once again to everyone involved with Speedhunters coming to Houston, great stuff.


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