As the title says was in Houston this past weekend. They were invited down by John Leigh (aka Emotiongear), owner of Planet Zero Japanese arcade center here in Houston, Texas. Rod Chong and Linhbergh Nguyen from SH were scoping Houston for cars mirroring their “low and stanced” November theme on On top of the coverage of cars that were shot for the November month of Speedhunters theme, Mr. Chong and Mr. Nguyen were also present for Planet Zero’s monthly Access Zero meet. This event was big, had plenty of nice cars with a strong theme as people from Houston showed what they had for the duo from

Many people rolled out to this event to represent, and the crowd was fresh until the meet was over at the crack of midnight. Yeah Buddy!


Paul Morgan (JDMJew, left) and John Leigh (Emotiongear, right) looking onto the crowd making sure everything is legit…and if you look hard enough on your left you can see Sam (aka Sambo).

Crowd surrounding a classic Datsun 1600 roadster (originally thought Honda S600)

No shortage of NOS Energy drinks either, they are always supporters of local events!

Video game tourney on JDM HD Cabinets at the meet, provided by Planet Zero. (I believe the game was Street fighter 4)

DJ Tito, MC’ing for the event

Greg Lilly, Underground Graphics owner, tuner, sponsor, father, and huge supporter of Texas events.

Stay tuned for part two of the Access Zero ft. Speedhunters coverage.


Mayday pictures courtesy of Fabio Pontes

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