Formula D usually brings three main flavors to the table, a drift competition, a car show, and some shorties (talent). In this edition of our continuing Formula D coverage, we’ll show you a few interesting cars that participated in the Fatlace OneOfOne car show.

The beautiful Californian sun setting on beautiful Californian rides

Doze Asses

Showgoers await the results near the Fatlace tent.

This GS on JP Scaras was too damn gangster for us

For a few minutes while I was staring at this BMW, I wanted to sit down and play some streetfighter on that big ass screen

This GC was one of my favorite rides out there

Hot damn. Endless calipers behind BBS LM's on a dumped Accord/TSX? Yes!

I had my first taste of the Fatlace One of One show when me and JohnP attended FormulaD in Hotlanta. From what we experienced there was a very laid back vibe with everyone enjoying the scenery of mountains and super flushed, super slammed imports. What would be different in Cali? In a word, quantity. There were a TON of helladumped cars on the scene, but the main thing I noticed was variety. And lots of it. Anything from teeny tiny miatas to a race spec Lotus were in attendance, all with offset fresh in the mind.

Some serious flares on the toaster. Damn!

CC = Crazy Camber

I wasn't kidding.

It was interesting to see this many BBS LM's stateside on luxury cars. Reminds me of the Japanese scene

The red LED light behind the front fender grill was a nice touch.

Not all the cars were exactly show quality. This S13 however, had a killer stance.

Small roadster - Wide wheels - Killer

I don't remember the last time i've seen Dori Dori Mesh wheels on a Miata

Race one day, show another.

Love me some Project Mu's

It was also interesting to see so many Supras in one place, at a show, an offset inspired one no less! This actually surprised the shit out of me, cause most Supra owners aren’t really into the whole HellaFlush thing, so this was definitely an eye opener. Compared to FD in Atlanta, which only had one showing, this One of One had a plethora of JZA80’s!

They all look so happy!

Of course, not all of the Supras were dumped, which was kind of weird.

But there were ones that fit the bill, like this Supra, which was our favorite one there.

But it wasn't just the Supras that stuck together, these VW's also rolled in groups

This Audi was on fire with it's super duper crazy dumpedness

Draggin' Wagon ass

This xB made me want to search Craigslist for a used one, seriously.

See ya!


Time to nut up or shut up

BBS FTW again!

Somehow, Work VS-XX's on an S13 240sx seemed fitting at this show

Wow, look at that rear fitment! Perfect.

i'm sure there aren't that many "hellaflush" Z32's, but this CE28N equipped Z qualifies.

I’m gonna just take a minute to point out my two favorite rides at the Fatlace show, both being white Mazda’s no less. You see, a lot of you guys think that we love Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas, but the truth of the matter is, I have a sore spot for Mazda and seeing these two RWD rides brought a tear to my eye, as this was honestly the first times I laid eyes on these cars in person.


The first car is an FC3S, or an FC Mazda RX-7. Giving a quick glance over, I immediately recognized the RE-Amemiya FC2000 front bumper complete with the headlights, fog lights and canards.

This FC was cleaaaaan

YES! Matching white RE-Amemiya AW-7's! Can you see the rotors? (not brakes)

RE-Amemiya whale tail, CF diffuser and dolphin tail exhaust, this 7 had it all

The other white Mazda, an NA MX-5 roadster, was so rice-tastic, I had no choice but to adore it. I know a lot of you guys will either love or hate this car, but I for sure am one of the ricers who loved looking at this car again and again. The Work Equip 01’s, fender flares, ginormous and ridiculously large rear wing on the trunk made me do a double take on more than one occasion.

The Bomex front aero, flush mounted headlights, and turn signal intakes made this MX-5 hella aggressive

Work Equip 01's. Classic.

That is some crazy shit.

Corky Romano would be proud.

As we close, the Fatlace One of One show was definitely a nice attraction to the already successful Formula D series, and gets credit for adding great hardparking eye candy to drift enthusiasts wanting to slow down their pace from watching the frantic action on the track. It was also nice for me to see these cars in person cause I always hear about how the Cali show car scene kills it, and now I can see why. Definitely some high quality cars here for sure, but makes me wonder, where will it go from here now that this is the last Fatlace One of One for the race season? Guess we’ll find out soon enough, as Mark and his team never rest to make sure they bring the freshest cars and events to eager enthusiasts like us!


All photos were taken by John Peterson, Andrew Machac, Khiem Pham, Danh Phan, Mikey Nguyen, Ervin Llanera and David Do exclusively for MaydayGarage.

For ALL of the pictures, including HIGH RESOLUTION desktop sizes for every photo in our FormulaD coverage, CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


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