We’ve been a little MIA on our Facebook page in the last couple of days due to us being on an airplane and running around all over Japan. Rest assured, we’re working our asses off taking a ton of photos. I won’t go into detail about how hard we’re partying or the one hour rests we have between our days, but we’re here right now at the Makuhari Messe Convention center doing work. So before we take off to another Rauh Welt Begriff car meet, I wanted to show you guys a few photos I took earlier so you know what to expect (car wise at the show). Enjoy!

Waiting around for our train right outside of Tokyo. It was empty.

Real Empty.

Right outside the convention center, we're running on fumes here.

And we're in! Room number one.

One of my favorite cars there, the TWS LF-A

Unfortunately, I couldn't move the pole.

Dat carbon ass

All types of mods were to be seen at TAS

I literally did a double take when I found out this chop top was an Impreza

One of the AIMGAIN Celsiors

There were boatloads of modified Prius' out on display including this one from AIMGAIN

Instant photoshoot!

Me thinks 19x12 -59 may have a serious dish to them.

The one time I wished I had TWO iphones

If you were ever curious to see what -59mm offset looks like from the rear

There were always hordes of media everywhere in groups...

That just means there were girls around.

The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept

Widebody was the main exterior treatment

Fortunately, it had the power to back up the looks

By way of a Mugen developed Supercharger

Spotted at the Car Make T&E booth.

I think they were trying to show the dimensions of the widebody kit. Interesting.

Just FYI this RUF wasn't lowered so that Goodyear could show you the tread pattern (and legs).

I found this display to be interesting.

For two reasons.

The new BRZ is one bad mother in race form.

The new Subaru BRZ STi Concept looks even better in person

I'm still torn between this and the FT86

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much wild shit I saw at TAS

UpGarage was selling anything and everything

And I mean everything.

Junction Produce selling their line of clothes

However, I believe WORK wheels have JP beat in that department for two reasons

Badass wheels.

And badass belts

Gonna close this preview with two awesome R35 GTR's.

So serious.

Ooooh, a race version?

dead serious

Until next time!

Hope you guys like the pix so far, I’ve only gone through half of the convention!! Plus, I haven’t even looked at Danh’s photos yet, which I’m sure are better, so stay with us as we not only cover Tokyo Auto Salon, but everything we possibly can in Japan!


Bonus pic! Danh the man with the cam will be strutting his stuff soon!

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