Back earlier this year, Joy and I ventured out to San Francisco, CA for two reasons. One, to check out one of the best shows on the west coast, and two, to reunite with my Mayday brethren as we destroyed hotel rooms and shot glasses while celebrating good times.

These dudes are too cute


Oh that Nate Hassler...

Three subies, six boobies

Courtney + Joy = Nobody is safe

So afterwards, I was invited back to the west coast but to SoCal this time around. It’s been a while for me since I’ve visited Los Angeles, and I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, so both Joy and I booked our flights once more and headed out to sunny California in the beginning of June.

We spent the weekend right outside of LA in a suburban area that was filled with Asians. Among those Asians, John Zhang of 1013mm fame offered his home for us to stay. It was free ninety-nine, so I didn’t argue. His better half Courtney and I get along fairly well online as we spam the shit out of our friends as a team, so I think she was excited that we were staying with them.

John's 1 series in hibernation

Snapshot of what was in John's fridge. Yes, those are wine coolers behind that mystery chinese take out bag.

John picked us up from LAX that Friday, and both me and Joy were decrepit zombies all morning after not getting any sleep at all the night before as we were getting ready to move into our new home outside of Baltimore. Coffee in hand, we met John as he picked us up in his mother’s BMW (I suppose that’s all they drive, who knows), and we dropped off our bags at his house and went straight for lunch at a pho restaurant. I’ve heard that pho in SoCal was pretty good, and this place didn’t disappoint, it’s just as dirty and grungy as the pho restaurants in Houston are. I’ve yet to find a good pho place in Baltimore, so this was nice.

Our friends over at Rywire based in LA, knew we were in town and Joey had asked us to come and visit the shop. John was gracious enough to drive us through terrible stop-and-go traffic to meet up the Rywire crew. I’m so pissed at myself for not taking any photos while we were there. Actually, i’m beyond pissed. How the shit could I not remember to take pictures?? Oh that’s right, it’s because I was taken back by all of the awesome Hondas and people that were there. Luckily, Joey Lee aka The Chronicles aka stickydiljoe documented our visit here: Stickydiljoe’s coverage of Wekfest Part 1

The ATS guys getting cleaned up. Photo by Joey Lee

Chez Rywire, aka House of Hondas. Photo by Joey Lee

New and old. Both make me smile. Photo by Joey Lee

Ryan, John and Joy listen to my racist jokes. Photo by Joey Lee

Someone's busted ride was parked outside of the shop. Photo and busted ride by Joey Lee

Meanwhile, Joy and I check out Ryan Der's track/street/show car. Photo by Joey Lee

Fred and Ryan check out the Brembos on the EK. Photo by Joey Lee

Courtney met us up after she got off of work at her day job as a bouncer and we headed straight to downtown, LA. Here we met up with the Suby girls of the Pacific Northwest, Katie Smith and Laura Keller. They were in town and we finally got a chance to meet up in person for the first time (kind of like craigslist minus the grossness and scamming part). We also got a chance to stop by the WekSos pre party at a small boutique called Aristocrats. The vibe was very chill and what you’d expect from a boutique in LA. We chatted it up with Kenneth Li and Geoffrey Nguyen from WekSos Industries, the main force behind the Wek’Fest car shows. Feeling hungry, we decided to eat some mediocre sushi and share some Sapporo. The sushi was terrible, but the company was fun, so it was kind of a wash. We also met up with fellow photographers Steve Demmitt and underwear model Luke Munnell of Import Tuner at a pretty cool bar that runs down a back alley (it’s nicer than how that sounds). As we downed lots of craft beers and shots, my cousin Alex from Cupertino met us up to join in on the mustache activities.

Courtney finally showed up in her F30 BMW

This car is huge. It'd be cool to see her in a smaller car, say an S2000.

Katie and Laura from the PNW met us up and quickly downed some JDM beers

Courtshawn and Joyshawn pose for pre-drunk photo

Steve Demmitt gets overly excited by the nude photos of John from earlier.

Sorry Laura, I had to.

The alcohol is being felt, as well as Courtney's boob.


Katie's semi impressed

Yes. That's a bacon bandage.

Everyone wants a mustache ride from these girls/guys

Luke before he put on the gag glasses.

My cousin Alex joins in

Laura and Katie are quite impressed with my Jeopardy knowledge

That's nasty. -Cleveland

Too much fun

The next morning we awoke surprisingly hangover free. John was already up washing Courtney’s F30. I mumbled something to him and got ready for the long day ahead of us. We then headed out to Long Beach where the event was held but not before picking up some much needed coffee. We met up with Alex, Katie and Laura at a local Starbucks (yes I know the coffee sucks) and rolled out to the Queen Mary.

John and Courtney= BMW booty buddies

Joy and Courtney look like two elderly midgets trying to navigate a cruise ship

Yes! Finally!

John pretends to drink coffee.

Laura and Katie get their caffeine fix for the day/hour

Full of caffeine, we pull up to the Queen Mary parking lot and wait for roll in. I take the opportunity to snap a few photos before heading in. The line to get in was long, but the guys at Wek’Fest know their shit and it seemed to go pretty quickly and smoothly for the most part.

The first car I saw while parking was this slammed Roadster

John waits for roll in

With Courtney right behind


Everyone waits

Yes, my cousin Alex also drives an STi. WTF, I don't want to be in the BMW/Suby club

Facepalm. Courtney forgot her bikini

Yeah, I actually like these Fiats

Dat Line

You can probably tell Alex works out.

Once we got our media passes, we headed into the fray. After one quick scan I could already see why the WekFest guys chose the Queen Mary as their spot to host a show. The scenery by the water is quite breathtaking minus one thing. In the mornings, the sky looks all gray and gloomy, and I was actually worried that my photos would look like doo doo because of it but it turns out this is quite normal for Long Beach and by mid afternoon, it’s all sunny skies and peaches and cream.

I don't really like the wing, but this Mugen CRZ stood out

Everyone's been through this. Helping out a friend set up and clean their car at a show

There's only one MS3 I know this low. Shavi from Royal Origin

Morning setup

One of the nicest MR2's I've seen

Brandon Burke's pristine OEM bodied S13 coupe

Speaking of S13's

This MK3 Supra had some seriously wide hips

There were a TON of S2000's at WekFest including this one with rebarreled Mugen M7's

From track themed ones to street variations, there was an S2K for everyone

Courtney polishing up her HRE's

The fitment on this S was nuts

I was digging the front matte black overfenders on this CRX

That’s it for now. I’ll post up part 2 super soon, i’m trying to knock out these coverages!

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