Mayday goes to Wek’Fest ATX!

Finally back from the final round of FormulaD, I have some downtime from my daytime job and whatever life I have left to finish writing this WekFest post. Actually, this is my third time writing/revising since it didn’t save the first time. I didn’t get to finish writing the second time around because of FormulaD. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post about my trip to the final round sometime next week (seriously doubt it).

Some of you guys asked us where or what we’ve been doing since we didn’t have a booth up at Wekfest or have one of our epic cruises to the show. In response to that, we’ve just been busy with our lives like the rest of you guys. Johnp has the food truck; Mikey is taking care of his 20 kids as he juggles 5 jobs while going to school full time and working on his 240; Khiem shoots and edits 24/7 at his new job; Danny is in and out of town; Newton works on small budget video projects here and there; Ervin travels around covering events for XDC/HIN; Brad stresses out at work and takes care of Ducky on his off days; and David takes care of personal business as well as coverage up in the East Coast. We may be busy, but we always try to find time to hang out with each other once in awhile whether it be having a couple of drinks at a bar, eating at Café TH, going on a group shoot photo shoot, or just hanging out at the Rice Box.

The one and only Rice Box Truck powered by Rice.

Cafe TH is one of our favorite places to grab dinner at. They even have banh mi sliders named after us, 'Mayday Sliders'.

Hanging out together usually means drinking...

and seeing who the best putter is.

Our ace photographer Khiem and our ace iphoneographer on a photo shoot.

Even when we're too busy to hang out, we always got love for each other. No homo. Thanks for the photo Ervin.

A week before Wekfest ATX, I asked the guys if they were going to attend the show since nobody knew their schedule at the time I had applied for media passes. Khiem already had plans to show his 1JZ Mazda RX7 FD, so he was already in. The rest of the guys actually had their schedule open so I requested more passes from Geoffrey and he replied with a quick, “Of course.” Much thanks to the Weksos crew for accommodating us at each and every Wekfest event we attend.

Heading out to Wekfest ATX at 6:30 a.m., JohnP drives his slammed GS300 at warp speed.

I didn't get a chance to take any photos on the way to ATX as I was trying to get as much sleep as I could. We finally pulled over for some drinks, kolaches, and oil. Iphone Photo by Mayday Mikey.

2.5 hrs later we finally arrive to Palmer Events Center in ATX.

While cars lined up to enter the show, a few people got a good bird eyes view of the cars like Venn here.

Since cars couldn't angle the entrance ramp, this RSX had to remove his front bumper.


JohnP getting a snap of this RWB inspired 350Z.

By now, every blog/photographer/videographer that had attended WekFest ATX at Palmer Events Center has their coverage photos and videos up. If you really want to read a blog with great writing and photos, I would suggest going to Joey Lee’s, The Chronicles, site. Joey was invited by the Weksos crew to help organize and judge the event. I thought that was pretty awesome for him to experience what Texas is all about. The quantity of cars may not be on par with the west and maybe the east coast, but the quality wasn’t too bad this year. Geoffrey N, marketer for Wekfest, had told me the ‘culture of cars’ was different here in the South when I had asked what he thought of the show entries. From what I’ve seen it definitely was different as there was a large amount of Nissan’s followed by Honda/Acura’s and Lexus’.

Another shot of the RWB inspired 350Z.

JohnP and Stickydiljoe watch as cars enter the show.

Of course there are cars that are not in perfect shape like Khiem's 1JZ Mazda RX7.

Brad, Mikey, Eory, and Ervin watch as cars roll in.

More shots from the birds eye view by Ervin.

Perfect stance and fitment on this Lexus GS300.

Check out this DSM on TE's. JohnP had to instagram this car ASAP.

The Honda class at Wekfest ATX was not easy to judge...

'Oh gawd,' was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the tires not rubbing at point of contact.

It's all over the net now but Tom Syachack's prob has one of the nicest shaved engine bays and wheel setup I've ever seen.

Those Work Meister's look so good on Tom's S2000.

Another stanced S2000 on TE37SL's.

Another S2000, but on re-barreled Racing Hart Type C's

A very well kept CRX on MemoryFab M Technica Turbo's.

As some people were able to roll into the show, Stevie Phamo didn't have it so easy.

Dennis makes sure his wheels were shiny enough to see himself.

Check out his latest acquisition. You can only imagine the things he has in store for it.

Matthew Jones gives JohnP a few sneak peaks of the 200 cars he's shot for Modified, Honda Tuning, IT, Pasmag, etc.

Now that's pretty damn impressive with painters tape.

Booja finally enters the building.

Car show participants like Rob here would get into the show by getting a stamp on the arm.

One of our favorite S2000's at the show...

As the cars roll in, the Wekfest staff gets their merchandise ready to sell.

It's rare to see a Type R nowadays...

Never knew bike frames could be so low...

A shot of Tom's S2000 from the rear.

Nothing out of the ordinary for Wekfest shows. You can always expect a long ass line to wait in.

As the cars were being inspected by the fire marshall for a quarter tank of gas, we ventured out to the streets of ATX to get some grub. We went out to Hopdoddy’s, a burger bar on South Congress. I didn’t get to snap any photos at the time because I was just starving not to mention a little delirious from the lack of sleep the nite before. One place to grab a bite to eat if you’re in ATX would definitely be Hopdoddy’s. Once we were done with our burgers, we needed some coffee in our system to get some work done at the show.

If you

Johnp, Mikey, and Eory yearning for some coffee....

That's the look of a man that can feel coffee running down his bowels.

Pretty much my motto... every morning.

We found this wall next to the coffee shop so made Johnp a new profile shoot.

Then we all joined in. Photo by Ervin Llanera.

On our way back to the show...

One of the big surprises at this show was this Datsun 240Z...

As you can see this 240Z was powered by a RB26DETT which helped claim 2nd Best of Show.

A better shot of the engine bay.

Clean and clutter free cockpit.

For some reason we didn't get a full photo of this 240Z, but you can see that it's powered by a TT VQ35HR. It's unifinished now, but we'll probably be seeing a feature of it somewhere on the net when it is complete.

Check out the CF body panels on the it.

Needs moar milk crates.

Beside those 240Z beasts was this Honda drag monster.

"For those 9 seconds or less... I'm free."

A very low Hellrot E36 M3 on ACS Type I's with some Neon Green Futura brakes.

Another stanced E36 M3 on BBS RF's.

A pretty low E46 M3 with CSL front with CF splitters.

As you can tell, this was the Euro line up at the show....

Not really sure what type of Vossens were on this Audi S5, but they definitely slammed it hard.

Team Nemesis // Vossen

The neon green 350z was wrapped, but you could definitely tell it was falling apart. It was bubbling and parts of it on the front bumper were not staying on...

The engine bay reminds me of a chameleon with different colors.

If you came to our booth last year, you would recognize this SC owned by Tony Bui.

After getting into an accident with his SC, he came back harder and lower.

S2000 + TE37SL's = <3

A low but conservative GS300 on Leon Hardiritt Orden's.

Phuc Nguyen's 93 EG Creme hatchback on Racing hart Type C 3-pieces.

Another EG Civic that stood out.

Stretch, stretch, and more stretch.

Thomas' show stopper Lexus GS400 takes the crown as "King of the South".


Thomas freshly cleaned engine bay.


Next to Thomas' car was the Weksos crew selling their merchandise.

Looks like David's type of colors.

Anyone need a quick release for their steering wheel? Hit up DWS parts.

Steady ballin' indeed.

So simple and clean.

Team Emotion brought it hard.

Bryan Bui's boosted CR-Z.

An E36 vert gutted with a roll cage added.

Jason Scott of SouthernFresh tries to hide from my camera behind Josh Smylie of Proper Garage.

Tiffany and Geoffrey hard at work.

David Do likes this.

LS430 on OZ Futuras.

Jonhp makes his way around the booth to catch up with old faces.

It's rare for anyone to see a nicely done G20 like Thai Ngo

Stevie Phamo likes this.

Our friendly editor/photographer, Nate Hasslehoff, from Super Street surprises us with his presence.

Herra frush.

A rear quarter panel shot of Tom's S2000.

Now check out that shaved and tucked engine bay.

The kit and wheels give this Honda Civic a bit of a futuristic look. Not bad.

All work on this car was done by the owner.

This candy apple red 350Z reminds me of Danny's RWB.

It's even fitted like Danny's RWB O_o

Across from that candy apple red 350z was Team 16niss.

They like to go H.A.M.

Paul Morgan's S2000 won the Super Street award and will be shot for the magazine.

Videographers were everywhere, especially with different types of camera rigs.

Photographers from different media outlets were everywhere.

All that cleaning Dennis did earlier looks like it paid off. Shiny as hell.

Baller wheels for ballers only.

Rob Amason's bagged E28 on Rondell Style 67's.

One of the best looking drag Eclipse's I've seen...

Can you see why now?

That green really pops.

Ty from CCM was staring at me like this the whole time...

JohnP would snap a photo of this.

One of the few Ruckus' at the show.

A boosted Element on TE37's? Hell yea!

Just to give you an idea of how packed it was.

VIP Style'd Scion XB... their interpretation of VIP is somewhat different.

Is this the interior of a spaceship or an RX-8?

We like taking pictures of people taking pictures.

Everyone needs stickers.

I'm not a good candid photographer....

as you can see here...

and here.

So many possible captions on this photo of Venn and Josh.

That's pretty awesome.

Khiem asks Junior how he can win the Mazda class.

I guess it worked because he ended up with 1st place Mazda.


While taking a photo of the car, these guys showed up.

Elissa Alva was in attendance and was looking beautiful as always.

Fans, like Lam of Proper Garage, were excited to see her.

This was Elissa's first boob autograph.

Another shot of Tony's bagged SC.

Guess Mayday hipster this is.

Time for the award ceremony.

Find yourself if you were there.

Gotta thank Joey Lee for coming out.

Tony's face was priceless while getting a photography with Elissa.

Overall, Wekfest ATX was interesting. A lot of cool new builds and a few we’ve seen before. I hope you enjoyed our coverage.

One of our favorite builds there.

It's 6:47 a.m. and I'm out.


Photos taken exclusively for Mayday Garage by JohnP, Mikey, Khiem, Ervin, and myself.

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