Chelsea DeNofa in Pursuit

Chelsea DeNofa in Pursuit

The intensity of the final podium runs were pretty insane as each driver displayed their drifting skill to show sponsors, pros, and the rest of the world what they had at Irwindale.

Chelsea DeNofa vs. Ameen Rizvi (For 3rd) : Chelsea Defona advanced

Chelsea DeNofa vs. Ian Fournier (for the finals, incredible runs) : Ian Fournier advanced, Chelsea DeNofa podiumed 3rd

(Ian Fournier vs. Mike Pollard) an amazing run for the finale, as Ian Fournier grazes the outer wall for aggressive approach to seal the win against Pollard, Pollard podiums 2nd, Fournier 1st!

It seemed also that everyone loved Ameens car, it was a crowd favorite the whole entire event. Both speedhunters and motormavens did a photoshoot of the car..luckily Mayday shot the car before the
event :). Found here.

Linhbergh Nguyen laying out his massive photo skills onto Ameen’s Cressida.

Hitting Switches….

Golf Carts on Tracks = WIN!

And out of all of the cars that I encountered over the weekend, this IS300, was by car the cleanest, out of the cars that were on display at the meet. Sex.


Incredible weather, drivers, cars, and view are what Irwindale had to offer, and I for one can’t wait to get back!


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