Last year, I attended the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix in Baltimore, MD. It was my first time visiting Maryland, and one year later, here I am on the East coast. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this year’s event in Downtown Baltimore, but I did get the chance to recruit a good friend and fellow blogger/photographer, Christopher Drinkuth of Primo-Lifestyle, a blog dedicated to things going on around Virginia and primarily focuses on the Euro tuning world. Thankfully, Chris isn’t such a bad shot, and the following photos are all Chris.

I don’t like making blog entries on an event I was not present at, so instead, we’ll let Chris’ photos do the storytelling.

The Flying Lizard 911 escapes the others

This race queen was packing the heat

Racing Porsches are quite beautiful

When you see it...

You'd make the same face too if you were him.

The new SRT Viper awaits orders like a good soldier

Not all domestic cars are built equally.

There were plenty of car clubs in attendance

Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass ass is ass ass ass

Sadly, my knowledge of Euros is pretty limited. Maybe someone can chime in here to tell us what kind of car this is?

I asked Chris to take some pics of "shawtys". Looks like he didn't disappoint!

I have been wrong before.

The new SRT Viper resting in between laps

You won't find any stretched tires in here.

Mmmmmmhmmm. That's the sex alright.

Long live the zoom lens aka creeper status lens

Of course Chris is gonna take photos of the BMW. Duh

Only Chris knows WTF is going on in this pic. I just thought it was funny

The gold chrome on this 911 was out of this world. So shiny!


No doubt, many of the ALMS cars have seen this too many times.

I started out this way too, but I had a disposable, cheap ass camera

I like this kid's tastes

If you got tired of watching other people race, you could always go karting

Not everyone had a good day

I'll take the one on the left.

Yeah I didn't get it either.

This crutch was a little large

Wide is an understatement


dat chrome

These guys were here to party!

The end.

I plan on covering more ALMS in two weeks at Virginia International Speedway, so if you like what you see, expect more!
Thanks again to Chris for covering this event for MaydayGarage!


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