So by now you guys have seen Khiem’s 2JZGTE powered Vintage Red FD RX-7 all over the interwebz. Believe me when I say his motor choice gets tons of hate from the rotary purists, but it’s what makes the world go round. People’s preferences in modifying cars is exactly that- a preference. The way we look at it, every car is a blank canvas, and with each modification done, it is an extension of oneself. In Khiem’s case, he’s owned a 500+whp Lexus SC300 and before that, he’s owned a 500+whp Honda Accord, so his obvious addiction is horsepower. But there is another FD. A “twinsie”, so to speak. Just like Justin Rogers’ white kouki S14 on silver TE37’s resembles Aubre Houck’s white kouki S14 on silver TE37’s, we have another Vintage Red FD RX-7 owned by another Team Mayday Garage member, but his preference is the finicky but cool rotary powered 13B-REW. The FD is about to hit the paint booth soon in preparation for WekFest TX with the new wide fenders and body work. Soon, this FD will join with Khiem’s 7 to wreak havoc in our hometown of Houston, TX, also home to December 15th’s WekFest TX held at George R. Brown Convention center. Be sure to check the car in it’s natural habitat at our Official WekFest Pre-Meet held at 8th Wonder Brewery the night before for an unforgettable time with Team Mayday Garage.

BMX bike provided by James "FilmisBetter" Evins. Edited by Khiem Pham

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

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