Event Coverage/Lifestyle: Wek’Fest Los Angeles! Part 1.

Back earlier this year, Joy and I ventured out to San Francisco, CA for two reasons. One, to check out one of the best shows on the west coast, and two, to reunite with my Mayday brethren as we destroyed hotel rooms and shot glasses while celebrating good times.

These dudes are too cute


Oh that Nate Hassler...

Three subies, six boobies

Courtney + Joy = Nobody is safe

Event Preview: Wek’Fest LA!

Just got back from a beautiful day at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California and I’m about to hit up Downtown LA with lots of friends, but before I do, I wanted to share a few photos I randomly picked!

Rolling hard together

The owner of this S14 patiently awaits his turn to leave the premises

A beautiful S2000 at the JHP booth

This particular Civic Coupe had one very unique setup, and was ultra clean

My favorite stateside street S13 coupe in the flesh!

Come one, come all, if it's clean, you'll see it at Wek'Fest

Wheels are like asses. You can never see too much

Ryan, Sam and Jonathan love to photobomb my photos.

More to come!

Event Coverage: The Lonestar Run by MaydayGarage.

If you’ve been following MaydayGarage for a few years, then you know Mayday’s earliest beginnings started off as a caravan to Austin dubbed The Mayday Capital Run. It was originally conceived and planned by our very own JohnP as a way to build a small knit group of people that just want to cruise as a pack. The first few were so successful, we now have a following that travel with us every time we have one of these runs.

Our pace car provided by Greg Lilly/Underground Graphics

Attack of the Subies.

Mmmmmm. Burgers.

If you have one of these stickers, you're lucky, cause we will never have this sticker again.

John telling everyone not to moon people.

The contingents.

Ahhhh the friendships that were made during this trip...

G vs. G

Dat Green Ass

The Buc-ee's sign shows you what you can do in the bathroom

Baker Tuning was in the house

I'd be smiling too if I got to drive Greg's C63

Greg and I witnessed many sparks fly from underneath this car!

At our hotel in Ft. Worth.

Mikey puts the animal in animal style

Random Snap: We iz tired.

We just made it home from a wild night of partying after Wek’Fest was over in Ft. Worth and waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to do a shoot in downtown Ft. Worth. After grabbing one last bite at In-N-Out and stopping at Buc-ees, we’re back at our homes and sorting through our pictures. I alone narrowed down 300 photos of the 800 I shot from this past weekend, and that’s not including our other shooters. Trust me when I say we have all angles covered from this weekend, and we plan to be the authority on event coverage in Texas.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of the fans that came up to either me or the Mayday tent and gave us so many compliments on how you guys love what we do. When we hear these things, it makes us work harder to bring you the stuff we do.

With that being said, I’ll leave this photo of me sleeping next to Dennis’ NSX in our booth. I had dozed off while editing photos and making the last post from yesterday on the cold concrete floor, but I’m awake now, so stay tuned for our coverage of Wek’Fest, it’ll be worth it.

Venn, you're a dick. Thanks!


On the run! The Mayday Garage Lonestar Run to Wek’Fest!

As I’m typing this while riding shotgun in Greg Lilly’s Matte Green STi, i’m having some difficulty holding on to my macbook and camera as Greg is literally blasting past our 30+ caravan of sweet and sick rides! I picked a few photos to share, and we’re a few hours out from our last stop at In-N-Out Burgers in Ft. Worth. Enjoy!

John preaching rice again

Michael and Mikey avoiding bumps

G'd out

John driving Greg Lilly's C63 AMG as our Pace Car

First stop: Buc ee's.

I warned Mikey this would be a bad idea. Guess we'll find out soon enough.